Saturday, 25 January 2014

A double entendre

At dVerse, today, Mary encourages us to write about something which gives us mixed feelings, or which has a double meaning to us.


Quite awful is the state of mind
to be in which is just a kind.
But on the other hand it is
extremely exactly kind to be like this!

[Corrected January 27th 2014 at 21:20.]

By the way, the word trixnix is a double entendre. The address of this blog on Blogger is now "trixnix". And the address to the portal of mine is

I have put a link to this post on the blog hop of "dVerse" | here | and of "My freshly Brewed Life" | here |.


  1. Definitely two ways to look at a state of mind!

  2. AH.. nice wordplay here Anders

  3. good one! Where does kind of kind fit ? :)

  4. Thank you for linking up with The Weekend Brew!

  5. Powerful. Thank you, Anders.



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