Thursday, 16 January 2014

A story

At dVerse, today, Victoria C. Slotto encourages us to present a poem with active verbs. That requires a poem in the form of a story. I hope this #poem of mine reaches appreciation.


There was a little scary ghost
who did not reach the sky.
All kinds of fright he had to host
to be existing by.

One day, or rather dingy night,
he had enough of it.
He reached the sky as shining light.
On fire he was fit!

This poem is published on my site "The poetry of Vaccinius" | here |.
I have put a link to this post on the blog hop of "dVerse" | here |.

By the way, I have changed the url of this blog. I am about to change my name, again, and that is why.


  1. Ha,, a fun little thing... nice little ghost.

  2. Oh yes a shinning light like your words

  3. This was a fun read and liked your use of "active verbs!"

  4. Love the contradiction of a little ghost being scared. I will check out the link so I know how to find you. Thanks for linking Anders.

  5. he was not Casper
    he got what he asked for.



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