Saturday, 11 January 2014

A winter night

I look out through the window.
I think it must be cold.
I cannot see a shadow.
I hope the glass will hold.

I light a little candle.
I think about to be.
Like that The Lord will handle
myself, most certainly.

I think pray The Lord will handle
myself that affably.

[Corrected Jan. 12th 2014 at 17:07.]
[Corrected again Jan 13th at 00:15.]

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  1. Lighting a little candle in the winter is a act of hope and belief. I hope it all holds.

  2. the smallest signs can sometimes be the biggest giver of hope... how much you believe is all that matters

  3. Those candles are so important if we take the time to see them really.

  4. I love your poem, but I also like the hopeful comments. God bless you!

  5. the tiniest of candles can bring the brightest hope into our lives.

  6. lighting a candle in the dark of a winter night...i do this often!

    stacy lynn mar

  7. I love your poem. I found your blog when I noticed your link on Barbie's Weekend Brew. I am American Norwegian. All of my family is from Norway and I've visited once and love the country.

  8. I've looked out windows wondering the same thing...thanks so much for sharing at the Pub today for the prompt.

  9. I'm loving your poetry! Please keep sharing.



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