Monday, 6 January 2014

Take a stand

Studying sociology, I learned we are motivated and driven by expectations in the society. The thing is, of course, we are to study if we are. But Christians will think differently. We are justified by faith, and by faith alone.


Much better is to take a stand
than being cowardly at hand.
By taking stand you authorize
your exercise. And that is nice.

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  1. as the song says
    you got to stand for something or you'll fall for any thing
    a lot depends on what you choose to stand on...

  2. Taking a stand is good.. I hope you'll appreciate my sonnet today as it's a stand I think is important.. and it works by being human...

  3. Taking a stand helps you understand who you are and what you're about. It also helps you overcome your weaknesses. Nice poem!

  4. I was intrigued by your opening. I think many people of all different religions believe that they are justified by their faith. Hopefully we can all learn to stand together instead of against one another.

  5. An interesting poem. I shall read it again.

  6. a tough road to walk that starts with taking a stand.

  7. i truly feel that faith only comes through GOD and a Jesus is a conduit for that...
    and so are you...
    as well as many others..

    who find that2
    for each and only one of others to find..
    in True will under hope of harming no others...
    that thing called Christ...

    of course.. in just my opinion...
    2 but along those lines.. happy new year.. 2ya2...!

  8. Something that's ingrained in me..taking a stand ia always the way.



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