Tuesday, 25 March 2014

In a terrible world

If I should colour up a friend
I would the sharpest colours spend
to show I think he is all right
by being dull not, but quite bright!

But I am not let so to do.
Perhaps that is annoying you.
But I have no friend to salute.
I will not paint praise what is caput.

[Corrected June the 2nd 2014 at 16:19.]

[Added July the 30th 2014 at 20:59:

So I am lonely. So it seems.
The colours I know are my dreams
about a being nowhere found.
You see, to Jesus I am sound. ]

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  1. making friends takes work...
    it takes investing in others beyond ourselves...
    i am sure if you want you can make a friend
    all ya gotta do is start coloring

  2. Putting color in your world is a simple way to make friends - that was what I have learned.

  3. You come near my heart with this writing. I scare from myself. Think I so too? yes! But I want more color in my life. Making friends takes time. I'm complex, so I am careful in choosing friendships



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