Thursday, 6 March 2014


To write is really fun
when making up The Son –
when heavenly, your love,
it given from above
to let your offspring see
to it you will be free.

This poem is an answer to a prompt on "dVerse", to be found | here |.


  1. Ah quite late where you are then - thank you for linking. Yes I think writing poems does free us, focus us, leads us to understanding. I wish that for you over there in Norway that writing will ease the way for you, and let you enjoy your beautiful country and your space in the world.

  2. I think you serve your purpose honestly.

  3. The fun part of writing... yesss !! I relate to that very much :-)

  4. When we write because we are God's, and his love inspires us, then we write for all the right reasons. Beautiful!

  5. I'm def Christian, but I never seem to get around to talking about God too often. And for this to be your manifesto says a lot. Thanks be to our Creator, that you are a vessel for such words! Amy

  6. Ah so much faith and such a great insight. It does set one free.



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