Thursday, 10 April 2014


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I take no notice of the fact
you want me not to be exact
when judging you.
I will not do
contempt when I condemn your act.

At dVerse today, Gay Reiser Cannon wants us to invent our own form of poetry. My attempt will be the form of the poem above, called "Judging you". I have written a couple of poems in Norwegian like this, but this is the first I write in English. I hereby name the form "Victoria". There should be five lines in the poem. The lines should be iambic. In line 1,2 and 5 there should be four feet. And in line 3 and 4 there should be two feet. The rhyme scheme should be |aabba|. Preferably, I think, it should be a change in line 4. By the line there should be a change of keeping.

[April 18th at 15:19: I have decided to call the form "iamberick".]
[May 6th 2014 16:26: I have changed the name of the form to "blueberick".]

I have put a link to this post on the blog hop of "dVerse" | here |.


  1. this has a bit of the feeling of a limerick, but writing it with iambic feet is a new twist. I like this very much

  2. Yes sticking with iambic feet makes it more solemn and rather serious than a limerick with its anapests which are jokes, or probes, or critiques in themselves. Clearly you noted that here in the text of your poem. Excellent idea. I'm eager to try it!

  3. I appreciated your message, which I take to mean that it is the act that is condemned....and not the person. Good execution of form.

  4. Very well written I think, enjoyed your poem and the explanation. Thank you for that.

  5. I liked the message and the form

    It would be nice to see it, and hear it in your native language

  6. Yes really nice.. And like gay say... It moves the limerick rhyme pattern into a solemn subject.

  7. A more solemn take on the limerick, very interesting form.

  8. while I'm not fond of writing in meter. I do so love the sound of it. I also like the brevity of the form. It definitely would make writing in meter more "do-able."

    It is definitely true, many people do not want the full truth when being judged. Very nicely said.

  9. Great. I can not say so much with few words. Compliment!



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