Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My posting on internet

It is really difficult for me to reach a final decision regarding what I should post on internet. I have no-one to discuss with, and I get no feedback. So I change my mind from day to day. But maybe I have come to a final decision now. I will focus on posting in English. And I will focus on posting epigrams. And I will, I believe, keep posted the explanations I have posted, and the collection of poems I have posted in English. That should do.

[ July 23rd at 18:33:

I decided I would put up again my sites in Norwegian. I have serious doubts they will ever be published. The focus within the arts today is destruction, not building. On Google, though, I believe my art will persist. But I have hid my Norwegian sites a little on my portal, so it is clear my focus is English. ]

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  1. ... trust that living for Him is not dead and He is the greatest at creating and wants His children to continue in His steps!



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