Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Coming home


This very lovely vine gave birth
to grapes, among them one
who happily joined in on earth,
quite proud with being done.

Another grape, in fact they were
quite many, stayed that way.
In naked grape position there
are many grapes who stay.

But our friend would turn to sap.
And so he did just so.
And certainly there is a gap
between the touch and go.

And many grapes were satisfied
with having sap become.
But he was not, not dignified
by calling that his home.

And many grapes were satisfied
with having juice become.
They saw themselves as dignified
now being quite at home.

But our friend was not. He thought
there must be more than this.
In fact, from birth on this grape caught
the certitude there is.

So our friend was given grace.
He was considered fine.
Salvation he was let to face.
The That grape did turn to wine.

[The last line corrected August the 12th 2014 at 23:26. One verse was deleted and two verses were added May the 31th 2015.]

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This poem is an answer to a prompt of today at dVerse.

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I have put a link to this post on the blog hop of "dVerse" | here |.


  1. A fun & creative response to Abhra's prompt; a grape anti-grape, an existential fruit; very whacky-good; liked the rhyme schemes; which enhanced the playfulness.

  2. my grapes have come and gone on the arbor behind my house...some became jam....some were eaten straight off the vine....and many fed the deer....all i know is we are to abide.

  3. Very cleverly done - a nice poem.

  4. Life is like those grapes-- and wine is our reward



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