Thursday, 14 August 2014

Gratitude to form

No form of poetry is best.
I know, I write them all.
I am not putting them to test.
I write them to be tall.

Iamb and anapaest are good
when getting to the point,
trochee, dactyl when understood
the power makes a joint.

It really funny is to be
empowered by a norm.
Then you can smile and joyfully
relax and just perform.

.·: † :·.
This poem is published on my site "Common measure" | here |.
I have put a link to this post on the blog hop of "dVerse" | here |.


  1. I liked it and enjoyed reading it.

  2. ahh yes.. but it's also fun to just write, and see how it becomes.. free from norms, and realize there is music in that too .. (and you know my preference for pentameter)..

  3. i can appreciate having the support of a form...and learning to play within the constrains...i think it pushes you to grow.....meters are not easy for me...i write more wild rhythms...

  4. i enjoy writing in forms too... i think its challenging and i love that!!

  5. ahh..i used to the form..of everywhere i go..

    but nah..not now.. i just flow..

    always letting it go...

    and just a note google not the blog i link to Dverse..the one i link is on the Mr linkie list among the other diverse folks..there....

    please..just to let ya know friend..if ya did not check back on my response to your last comment on the post and blog i did not intend for diverse..:)last go around when i participate..:)

    1. Unaccountable is not unpredictable, Kate Mia.

  6. I think I'm allergic to form. But lately I'm more willing to try, though I haven't yet. I think I have so much to learn, and it will help me grow. Enjoyed your poem.

  7. I don't naturally think to write in form. I do it for prompts and am glad of the discipline.

  8. Yes - the ballad form iambic tetrameter, followed by trimeter - with a few variations - it has the joy and music of the ballad and carries the message of poetry within. Thanks for accommodating the article and showing the stuff poems are made from!

  9. I enjoyed reading your poem...

  10. I love the rhythm in your poem!



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