Saturday, 29 November 2014

Advent poem

The candle number one we lit.
We think about the being it
which by the spring is sown to be
the faith and hope expectedly.

The candle number two we lit.
We think about the being fit
which in the summer do appear,
eliminating doubt and fear.

The candle number three we lit.
We think about the being quit
which in the fall is harvested
to be in future cakes and bread.

The candle number four we lit.
We think about the being flit
which in the winter will be some
by having to salvation come.

.·: † :·.
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  1. And tonight, we will light our first candle. I do love this time of year. (it's still afternoon on Saturday here).

  2. That's beautiful advent poetry and the candles as such are always deLIGHT to me..:)

  3. Nice.. All those lights will tell a story.



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