Friday, 12 December 2014

The wise ant

There was a very little ant.
Arms down he never laid.
So in his thinking God did plant
the thought he was afraid.

One day the ant was very clear
he had enough of it.
He said, Now I will stop to fear!
Instead I will be fit!

And so he started to make out
what other ants did miss.
And God said, Now I am about
to give you one big kiss!

And so he started to afford
the help he managed to.
And God said, You are by The Lord.
The Lord will carry you!
An anthill I will do!

[I have also changed the title to "The first ant". Corrected 21/12-14 at 21:12.]

( • )

At dVerse today, Claudia wants us to present a poem about someone being transformed. And reading her introduction, a saying in Norwegian, and I believe in English, comes to mind, being "I read you like an open book". I think being read like an open book is love shown.

And now the ants no notice took
of what they saw as fear.
They read him like an open book.
And he was only dear.

.·: † :·.
This poem is published on my site "Common measure" | here |.
I have put a link to this post on the blog hop of "dVerse" | here |.


  1. Andrew, you put ants in my pants with this one, which is humorous while still being devout; Is the ant the character come alive, or is the Lord? Either/both works for me.

  2. a proverb you gave us... so many lessons to be learned from creation



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