Thursday, 29 January 2015

Filling and fulfilling

Singing about life, I sing about you.
To me, my dear, you make life being true –
mirroring him, he the only there is:
You, I should know, you are her. Fancy this.

Thinking of you I am thinking of it
which keeps me burning, sees to I am lit –
thinking of her who in challenging ways
urges me to conquer the world and the days.

And if I love her I really love you.
To me the same is this being of two.
By the existence of you I believe
she by the fashioned cut figure will live.

When I did find her, I really found you.
When I did win her, I also won you.
Mystery under the rose do reveal it.
He who knows secrets admire and feel it.

Thus I do testify, love, that when I
lower a love song my inner life by,
meant for the only one, right from my heart,
you and her both I address by my art.

( • )

The original poem was written by Olav Aukrust (♂)
(† 1929) and is called "Fylgje og fylgja".

.·: † :·.
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