Saturday, 28 March 2015

Copilot takeover

If man is an aircraft, the assumption of Jesus Christ is the pilot. We may use the aircraft as a picture of man, flying passengers to destinations, and Christ should be the head of the aircraft, safely connecting people to places. In the passenger aircraft there also is a second pilot, the copilot, which we would think of as the worldly counterpart to Christ. The two of them should be united as heart and mind, love and affection. In the case of a copilot takeover, that is if the copilot locks the pilot out of the cabin and takes over the plane, the prospects are terrible. The copilot will be occupied with distinguishing itself, and it can only do so as acting differently than the pilot. The pilot, the assumption of Christ in the human being, is love.

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  1. Thanks for this thoughtful blog.Ja, It is so well written. Let's open our hearts for Jesus, the greatest Leader ( the Pilot)



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