Friday, 5 June 2015

Fish and fowl

Photo: zman z28

There is fish in the water and fowl in the air.
And the earth is a being which ought to be fair.
What we see are the fowls. They are flying around.
But it is by the fish the earth really is sound.

Pray the earth is a beauty, a being awake
and quite confident it surely is not a fake!
Quite embarrassing it to the heaven would be
if to be was a question of stability.

[ In the second stanza, line 1 and 2 changed place with line 3 and 4 July the 18th 2015 at 13:18. ]

.·: † :·.
This poem is published on my site "The poetry of Vaccinius" | here |.
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  1. Truly in the ocean is where life belong.. the rest of us live at the mercy of the sea.

  2. "And the earth is a being which ought to be fair." this line...

  3. Ah..a move away from nature.. is always a move away
    from reality.. nature's truth.. is always true.. where humans
    lie.. as always true..:)

  4. This is deeper than on the surface it appears, much like the ocean. Peace, Linda

  5. Lovely Anders. The ocean and its bounty is a wonderful gift.
    Anna :o]

  6. the oceans carry far more beauty than here on land

  7. Beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)



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