Monday, 20 July 2015


Loneliness is really painful. It makes insane. Being occupied helps, but at one point work seems to be in vain when one are not getting the daily "bread". That is what makes insane. And there is nothing you can do. Today everyone are counted, known, and in the society today you cannot be an explorer. You need a passport to be one. You cannot get away. Loneliness is terrible.

What to do, is to become a little girl taken care of by The Father, and address the world as such, wondering, giggling, saying stupid and wonderful things and be not powerful but having fun. The work of The Son is done. Now we will take guise of The Girl. Christ, The Son, is our Father. He became our Father when we became Christians (and when the nation became Christian). And The Girl is in the corner of His eye. She adores The Son.

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