Thursday, 6 August 2015


I have not been active in English for many months. I have been occupied trying to get attention in Norway, and I have been perfecting my web sites. Regularly, I go to my poetry blogs and check random poems to see if I should change anything. And I may do that. The other day I deleted a lot of poems in English. But I believe my house on internet now is finished. The problem is I am very critical, so I am never really satisfied. I keep going back to my sites to see if I should change anything.

Other than that, I am disappointed about the treatment of me. I get no response, that is one thing. But the involuntary treatment with medicines which I am subjected to is what really annoys me. I have become very weak. I have no strength, and I am unable to concentrate. So I am really incapacitated.

Well. I hope I, at one time, will be happy with my house on internet. Really be proud of it. That would strengthen me.

God is really taking care of me. I lack nothing, and I am occupied every day. Thank you, Lord!

.·: † :·.

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  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Take care.



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