Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A sign

Christ has put His mark on the two blogs I now work by. These are blogs with epigrams, one in English and one in Norwegian, called “Road rests” and “Magnimix” respectively. There is a small image of an X on both blogs when read by mobile phones.

It happened yesterday. I changed the style on my new Blogger blogs, so that all look alike. I have four Blogger blogs with poems which are not part of Trixnix, two blogs with finished collections of poems in Norwegian, and the two mentioned blogs with epigrams, which I keep going. The style sheets of the four blogs are now identical, and the colour of the blog is the same as the colour of my new Google Site “Magnimix” (you see, both the Google Site and the Norwegian Blogger blog with epigrams are called “Magnimix”). And I saw the X when I checked the blogs on my mobile phone after having changed the style sheets. Technically, there is no reason why the X should be there. It appears on two blogs, and not on the other two, even if the style sheets are identical. It appears on that which I am working on.

See for yourself. All my new sites are presented on the site Magnimix. There you can compare. Or you can go directly to the blog Road rests to see the X there. On mobile phones, that is.

.·: † :·.

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