Thursday, 5 November 2015


I make this poem not
to persuade a lot
is got from reading like
you minister a bike.

I make this poem just
so that the reader must
amazed be by the flow.
That is the goal, you know.

.·: † :·.
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  1. Ah.. yes.. enjambment works so well in rhymed poetry.. I have used it in many of my sonnets.

  2. I enjoyed the flow of this!

  3. Flows go
    wheRe no knows
    feel now..:)

  4. Thanks 4 reminding us that rhyming works well with he prompt too, for most of us used free verse. Liked this a lot.

  5. I love the thought of ministering to a bike, because after all, ministering is caretaking and loving as much as it is talking/preaching. And if we read (consume words) the way we nurture our vehicles, especially bikes (which represent childhood, innocence, and enjoying the outdoors) ... yes, this is exactly how we should read.

  6. Beautiful rhythm and flow in this piece :D

  7. Nice! LOVE that "minister" (and mini-steer) a bike, especially!
    So much fun rhyme and sound here. Great piece for the prompt!

  8. I enjoyed this very much. It could be a rap song!



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