Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Things become so difficult when they become serious! In the moment you think you are able, you stop playing, and start questioning your work in all kinds of silly ways! So it is with my music, now. I have made some tunes this winter for “classical” instruments. When I started, I thought I would not be able to make two voices in harmony with each other. But I have made short pieces for orchestra! Up to four instruments in harmony with each other! And I have made a sonata for violin and piano, with no knowledge of how to play the left hand of the piano at all! And I like it when I hear the score making program play it! So suddenly it becomes so serious. I have to be able, I feel, and stop to play. And trying to make something becomes terribly difficult. I must stop it! I am completely in lack of any ability! I only play, and it is the love of God if it sounds nice! I am a little child having found a new toy speaking to her, and I must stop making it hard! So help me, God!

By the way I have posted the tunes I have made on Trixnix. Three of them sets the tune on Trixnix, and are presented on the portal.

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