Saturday, 30 April 2016

Thirty-three weeks have gone

Thirty-three weeks have gone since I began transforming Trixnix to the New Jerusalem. I am aware of that. I was 33 years of age when I had my first psychoses. I believe Trixnix now is finished. This week I have gone thoroughly through both the portals, many times, and I have added some content. I have written two series of epigrams, I have written a poem to the Mohammedan both in Norwegian and in English, and I have arranged the last of my seven English psalms for a string quartet. All has been funny to do. But it was especially satisfactory to arrange the psalm. That showed me in fact I am able, so there is a chance I can make compositions in the future.

But now I believe Trixnix is finished. I will go through it again this evening, but I believe I am satisfied with it. Thank You, Christ! May Christ smile to the result.

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