Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Alexandra is re-created

I have re-created Alexandra, that is the blog of mine where I post locuses put to English female names. I am moving the Blogger blog to a Google Site. And I am very happy about how it seems to be. Now the locuses (names) are listed, and it is easy to get an overview. So far I have posted 250 of the 360 locuses I had, and I started on Monday, so it will not take me many days to post them all.

The question is if it is possible to make a link to a random poem on the site. I don't know if the script is allowed to be posted on the Google Site. And to make the list of the script is a bit of work to do. On the Google Site, I have to make a list of all the links, from which it by the script is randomly picked. To do so once is not impossible, I believe. I can copy the links from the source of the list of contents when I have posted all 360 poems. To do so is a bit of work, but it is not impossible. But to do so later demands much work. I must then copy the links from the posts. So I cannot just post a poem and be happy, but I must see to it the list in the script is updated also, and that I must do manually. Well. I must try, and see how it turns out.

Thank You, Lord! This site is about to be the tower on Trixnix. And by the site; by making locuses to all English female names, I have work to do for a very, very long time.

.·: † :·.

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