Tuesday, 20 September 2016


High up in the air with colours,
ignorant to boring borders,
out of reach to pains and puzzlers,
earth alert characterizing,
hope, my friend, is vitalizing!

[Corrected September the 22th 2016 at 13:27]

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  1. Dude. I love this. :) Especially the part about boring borders.


    Thanks for the refresher. I didn't remember everything. I love your word play with "zipper" and "zephyr." Very clever.

    I find this post to be highly encouraging and uplifting. Thank you. I feel like you're talking to/about me.

    1. Thank you. :-) Please know that I am schizophrenic, and to people schizophrenic, hope is absent. We can, though, be strong on faith, and schizophrenic recovery goes through incidents of hope.

    2. Anders, I am so stoked that you told me about this! Abnormal psychology is my favorite topic in the world, and I know various corners of its brain jar quite well. I would love to get to know you.

    3. Checking it out right now.

      "I deleted all my work on internet in the psychoses"

      This sounds like me. :)

    4. The first one ...

      "Korset fisk og fugl mรฅ rรฅde
      for at du skal finne nรฅde:
      Du mรฅ vรฆre stueren.
      Du mรฅ vรฆre suveren."

      The second half translates as,
      "You must be housebroken.
      You must be superb."

      That is going to be my new mantra. :)

    5. Oh, wow. I love the one called Blomsten.

    6. This is profound:

      "ministering is water"

    7. So is this:

      "For cleansing is fire and water.
      And it hurts to be on fire."

      You are very good, Anders!

    8. "Be clear

      Be rather wild
      than catchy styled
      by silly forms
      and stupid norms!"

      I love this one. :)

    9. This one is very good, too:

      "Always on top

      To the four terrific seasons
      Jesus is the thumb, in charge.
      Jesus is the fingers’ reasons,
      both in little and in large."

    10. I love little Benjamin most of all ...

      "A consideration to make

      One cannot tell you that you fail
      if thoroughly a thing you nail.
      Pins will sit tight.
      The question is if it is wise
      to nail. Perhaps, see, to let rise
      would be what's right."

    11. Thank you. :-) Gate 7-12 are in English.

  3. I liked the "boring borders" part. Nice drawing!

  4. ignorant to boring borders..indeed!!

  5. Gayle Walters Rose21 September 2016 at 06:37

    Made me feel like I was soaring in a hot air balloon (all the colors and no boring borders up there.) I admire your artwork, Anders, you have quite a talent.



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