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Friday, 8 December 2017

Changes wanted in The Lord's Prayer

As I understand it, recently the Pope has demanded changes in the Lord's Prayer. It is the phrase “lead us not into temptation” which causes tumult, and as I understand it, the Pope is not comfortable with the thought of the Lord leading people into temptation.

To the question we should apply the following question: Satan is tempted. Satan is tempted to be evil and to do wrong. If the Lord is not tempting Satan, who is?

And: The one committing an evil act is there and then a Satan. What is evil if he is not?

We may very well think of instances of temptations God given. We may think of opportunities to rape, for instance. Some will grow from taking stand at such a point. Others will fall into temptation and affirm the nature the Lord sees they have developed.

Speaking of temptation, it is a tragedy the Pope has not acknowledged me as a Christian dependent upon my writings and dependent upon twenty years of suffering in the name of the Lord.

The Pope's demand actualizes the question of free will. If you have the good and the bad in front of you, for you to choose among, you have a so called “free will”, if being rational is your nature. If, on the other hand, you think, when doing something, that this is you doing it (“this is me”), you have no free will. As a Christian, these two positions you cannot choose among. Martin Luther taught us that.

As I remember it, reading from the Lutheran Book of Concord, there is a clear statement, somewhere, encouraging us not to alter the words of the traditional texts.

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