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Friday, 8 December 2017


The question of who should rule Jerusalem should not be a political question, conditioned on how to think the world should be organized, economically and culturally. We must acknowledge that Jerusalem has a history and that Jerusalem is the world's crib. Being so, Christians have traditionally had perceptions about Jerusalem, and about Israel in general, and it seems like Jews have acknowledged their own position as a starting point, and let Christian nations have such perceptions. We should acknowledge that. The meaning of Jerusalem is not that different religions have religious memories attached to Jerusalem, and thus, that they have sanctuaries in Jerusalem. The meaning of Jerusalem lies in the inheritance we have received from the Jews, and in the acknowledgement of this heritage and the wish to pursue it.

Anyone with a little knowledge must acknowledge that the Muslims claim of right to to the "holy city" is baseless. A fantasy deputation taken by Muhammad flying through the air to Jerusalem to be encouraged by Jewish fathers does not hold as claim. Islam is also behind Jewish faith. What Muslims attack Jews for is not conflicting law, but what the Muslims claim is a failure. There is no Muslim right to Jerusalem unless the right of the Jews has fallen, and the Muslims are the real bearers of the legacy of the Jewish fathers, and the Christians are non-believers who believe themselves to be the descendants of the Jewish people by their son.

The question of Jerusalem is whether Jews should assert sovereignty on the spot or whether the international Christian community has claim in Jerusalem because Jesus worked there and was crucified there. The question, more generally, is whether Judaism is the basis of Christianity, or whether Judaism and Christianity should be seen completely separate from each other. In the latter case, it is natural that Christian nations believe Jerusalem should not be handled by Israel alone. This is not a question for the world community in relation to Israel alone, but it is also a question for Jews.

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