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Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Satan's value of God

Satan says God is what I am not, and you are not. By that, Satan makes God something specific, that is, a value, in other words, an idol.

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Monday, 17 December 2018

Glory to Google

Ai mean; think about it: Look at my pages, all made on services from Google, and think about it. Blogger, Google Sites, Google+, YouTube, and any other. Think about it. And fathom the love of those engineers and layout creators. Fathom the work. Hours of hours of planning, detailed, insanely boring programming, problems which had to be solved, efforts in foreseeing what stupidities people might do. Likely hours awake at night, and chocolate cake and lemonade when benchmarks were made. Imagine, there are such people. Which are not priests, not health care people, not soldiers. They are technicians. Devoting their lives to the benefit of people. To man.

Ai am impressed. And aI know Google has become a giant, economically speaking, and aI am afraid ill has been done in the pursuing of wealth. That should not take away the glory of those hard working ingenious people having made and maintaining the services. It is incredible, what has been made. And, we must acknowledge any one in those people's position faces the terrible challenge of money making. Even an ingenious engineer cannot live on water and air alone, and there are, in fact, expenses.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Again aI am not with you

In Google Maps, it seems like both Shanghai in China (my landing place was Wuxi) and Bartiga in South-America, in Guiana, was made objects of dreams. Ai presume Bartiga was supposed to be a heaven for the elite. And aI suppose Shanhai was supposed to be an economical center. There are roads, on the maps, which in no way coincide with the photos. My immediate thought, is that aI feel sorry for the engineers, and other working people, in Google. One should acknowledge that people in Google, as people in the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, have been targeted. My second thought is that this is not something aI will argue with. Ai take what aI believe is the Chinese stand, and say, this is nonsense, what Germans call verrückt. We have a history, any one of us, and as cultures, and if this is not acknowledged, man is a lottery player.

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Especially to Americans

You know, in Norway we have a word which sounds a bit like "glory" and "glorious", and even so, it is absolutely not it. And that is "glorete". That means "garish(ed)". Ai believe the root to the word "glory" must be Latin ("gloria"), and aI wonder if the Norwegian word "glør" has something to do with "gloria". "Glør" means glowing wood or coal, or embers. We do not distinguish in Norwegian. We are, though, not fond of what we call effectmakery ("effektmakeri"). The neon lights of the city to most of us are foreign and belong to the salesman, and we have both read the novel "Death of a salesman" and seen the play. And your Christmas decorations are funny, and the decoration is a real nuisance to the eye. Christmas decoration to most Norwegians at home, if lights, is a candle holder for the four advent lights, and small electric lights on the Christmas tree, if one has one. And another thing which really annoys me, is that you have not made batteries for tea-lights, yet, which last.

My point, is that our fathers used to say, "everything is so great in America." Effektmakeri, and impressive things. And, you know, what impresses the most, is faith.

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Sunday, 2 December 2018

Some seem to have lost all intelligence

Either you beat, or you are beaten says Satan. Either you give, or you are receiving, says Satan. What kind are you? says Satan.

It is so stupid, a such imbecile life orientation, aI wonder if that stupidity of man should be spit out of his people, anywhere, and placed on the north pole, or the south pole, respectively.

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To torture, and to experiment with people, and also, to inflict pain on people which it is not strictly necessary to do to avoid disaster, is so low, so sad, and so devastating to both faith in you and to self-esteem, that there should be clear laws and international conventions against it. And there are. Not all states have ratified the agreements. There has, though, been an international consensus after the horrors of World War II, that torture is by a power we will not have on earth.

To commit to torture is to destroy the culture of the people. Poisoning it. That feeling "this is how we are" will have a devastating effect on the culture, and ruin it. Those people involved with torture will of course all go to Hell, regardless of religion. "Mother Earth" will spit that infection out. We should, though, be oriented towards the living, and see to it cultures prosper.

That orientation of the one torturing can be pointed at, aI believe, by scientists. There is, though, no point in feeling sorry for a being which never will rise, and which motivation it is to flatten everything it sees. There is no point in feeling sorry for a being which is incapable of putting itself in other people's shoes. There should be death penalty for torture.

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Saturday, 1 December 2018


More than anything, culture is joy. Culture is the feeling why we celebrate, culture is the way we celebrate, and culture is the inspiration we have got for to achieve, to celebrate. So, culture has much to do with fears. And fears we develop differently in all the peoples on the globe, dependent upon climate, beasts and growth. Today, English has become the international language of the earth. There are of course others. Spanish, French, and also German, are international languages, and how it is in Africa, Asia, and South-America, aI don't know, really. In politics, science and in economy, though, English is the preferred language to communicate in. And even so, that is, even if we speak English fluently, we really do no get how it is to be an Englishman, an American, a Canadian, an Australian. Have you seen the images of Jesus Christ found in Australian churches? Did you know that when an Australian infantry patrol finds refuge for the night, or for rest, they do not, as in Norway, put up a tent, for the team, placed somewhere hidden, and away from the forces of the weather, and they do not find locations around it from where they control the entrances to the spot. In an orderly, mannered way, of course, aI mean, one is Norwegian. No, they search the entire surroundings of the spot for hostility. And they put up a sheet as a kind of roof, and they are in it. The idea of a rope from the post to something scrambling in the tent, to alarm the team, would, aI believe, to an Australian infantry man sound ridiculous. So the joy of achieving, the joy of being some, is different from culture to culture. And even if we speak the same language, we must do it properly to really understand each other.

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

The horror of the mind control

I believe, that if Emma Watson was confronted with the videos and pictures made of her in sexually explicit situations, posted on internet, she would deny having done it. She will presumably not say she was made to do it, she will presumably say "I have nothing to do with it".

I believe many a girl found nude in photographs and in porn today will say the same thing. And aI believe many a hypnotized, for instance working in radio, will say the same thing if confronted with what they said, and I believe many a singing artist will say the same, if confronted with what they have expressed.

And I believe many a hypnotized will say, those people making me, and us, look like that, are not nice people. Ai am afraid the broken ones will not say that.

One may wonder why Emma Watson spoke so much in those videos. One may wonder if she was afraid. Ai believe, though, that such overflow of the mouth in such a state is unconscious, and that it reflects the out of control being, and not a want to control oneself, and as such, the action is not oriented.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Why not economy

Economy is the ordered way of the human being. Goods are invented, produced, and put on the marked for the benefit of growth and success, and services are made goods as people dream, qualify and effectuate their abilities. By the economy man distances himself from the immediate exchange, and the living can be ordered and planned, so that individuals and peoples can make safety, laws and fortunes.

The thing, though, is, that things are owned, when manufactured, sold and bought. And the real joy is to go into the mountains, go into the forest, and go to the beach where one can relax, no expectation to be found. And the real joy is to love one another as worthy of praise, not worth of necessity or utility. The real joy is to imagine God present, no way manipulated, no way driven. The real joy is to be by God, and surely one can be by cause. To be a brick in the wall, a bit taking part in a play or a piece in a puzzle, is not giving the feeling, though, being by God. And, for the woman to feel she is wanted as an object, is not to get the feeling, being by God.

Today, the economy is very complicated. The ordering of the economy is obscure, and the powers of the economy are hidden. Nations, that is peoples, do not control what is taking place in their own domain. To a certain degree, the economy can be controlled. Major actors are more resourceful than minor, and by means of necessities, demands can be made. What rules the economy, though, is that notion of alertness. And when we distance from it, making it the joke of life, the joy of life will appear.

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Monday, 26 November 2018

Why are they here

Those people saying they rule over me, or giving impression they rule over me, are my enemies of life. And, aI am by God. Ai am hypnotized, aI am given pains in my body, the electrical power in my apartment is controlled, and so is my telecommunication. And those people in charge of that are my enemies of life. Satan is incapable of doing anything good. A parasite is in no way good to the tortured, or to sight.

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Respect is not the word for it

One should not take the name of God in vain, meaning, one should not label anything by God if it is by Satan, and one should not act as if praying to God if one says God is necessity or use, and one should not question the power of God. To do so would be to act against the third of the Ten Commandments. God is love, and Satan is the upheaval, destruction and abandonment of what God is. If wounded, sad and disappointed, trust in God still, and make your faith baby, to die for.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


When being tortured, surely one is not philosophizing about one's living and whereabouts. One is focused on the pain, and one wants to get rid of it. Surely, one is not wondering. So, the notion of that purgatory must be a silly idea.

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

International to be

The woman, as such, is of course not international. The police is, of course, not international. The Church will not work if international (in Norwegian; "gjør seg ikke"). And when industry and store is international, the enterprises ("foretag") and companies ("bedrifter") are not really so. They are part of the economy. The economy is international. In the economy one competes, and one make agreements and deals. And to make economy the model for social interaction is a dead end, since economy has no scope, and since major actors have power over minor. Nations are not actors in the economy. Nations make laws and regulations to make it possible for entities from the nation to succeed in the economy, and when doing so, they make agreements with other nations. Nations are themselves not entities in the economy. The wealth of a nation is not the capital. The wealth of the nation is ability. And since peoples, as nations, do not hate each other, they are friends.

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Friday, 16 November 2018


Life is in a certain perspective a rescue; a mobilization of love to abandon damnation. Death. And it should be evident, what by God will be justified, is not damnation, is not death. Jesus Christ is the force of life.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Civilized to be

There are two considerations any people on earth must make, from which they, in fact, have no choice. One is to end torture. And the other is to end corruption.

By torture aI mean the inflicting of pain on people in custody. Prisoners must have decent living conditions, psychiatric patients must be subjected to care, and brutality on behalf of law enforcement must be forbidden by law. Involuntarily treatment with medicament must be forbidden by law. And women and children must by law be protected from abuse, from heads of families, and from officials.

By corruption aI mean the demand for goods on basis of being gifted. There should be clear rules hindering acceptance of money and of gifts by officials and civil servants. The rule of a nation should be the rule of the people, and if not predictable, God is not supportive. There should be a governing principle saying laws cannot be passed which gives arbitrary power to any official, and which says no individual can be arrested or imprisoned if not a violation of the law has been committed.

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Monday, 12 November 2018

Catch 22

By his novel Catch 22 (1961) Joseph Heller pointed out a dilemma given by being involuntarily participating in stupidity or crime because of being a member of a legitim organization or movement. The fictive story is from World War II, and the main story is given by the main character's experience of being involved in the many dirty, illegitime and evil tricks of the supply officer, organizing crime, being a member of the unit the supply officer serves. Supply it must have, an Army unit. The ways of the supply officer were so, though, that being a soldier, risking life for peace and freedom, was a catch. The story ends ridiculously, by the main character planning to find a row boat, aI believe it was, to sail for Sweden. Sweden was a neutral country during WW II.

Ai believe Heller wanted us to rationalize, and to find our own way out of such a catch. My own thinking, being militarily trained, is that the supply officer is a soldier as anyone else, and as such he should work in the spirit of the Commanding Officer and obey the rules of the Second in Command. If he does not, he will hear it. Also, working by crime is in opposition with the overall intention with the campaign. And if the unit is in conflict with itself, it will not be effective, and it will go asunder. So, really, it should be enough for the main character to tell the Second in Command something needs to be done.

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Man and woman

Man and woman is like the King of England and the President of America, respectively. By kind, the King of England is the One and Only, and the President of America is the Number One. No-one can deny that historically, and therefore actually, the King of England is the one in charge. To say that the King rules over the President, though, is of course nonsense.

This is an image. And by the image, no consideration is taken to the fact those belong to different people, and to consideration is taken to actual influence and power. The point is, the woman is from below, working her way up.

In ancient times, that attitude of the Number One was determined to be the one of masters of crafts. Opposite stood the scientist, and the priests. And there was a clear division between economical life and mental work.

In Norway, in 1905, the famous poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson had argued Norwegians were oriented towards the Number One, not the One and Only. Askeladden, and the like. Being informed by the government when the procedure had begun to get a king, though, Bjørnson did not go against it.

The history of the woman seems to be fate, looking back on it, that is God given, for human kind to get.

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Friday, 9 November 2018


The commandment forbidding adultery is a restriction of the use of the body for the benefit of control. When the girl experiences a power, by having sex, other than the one constituting her, she will lose integrity by meddling with different ways to be set. And, if the girls commits adultery, she will abandon her grounding, being somewhat, to be detached. And children should be offspring of clarity.

This is true, and cannot be discussed. What is changing, in our times, by evolution and by the love of the Lord, is that women will not be things, that is objects. Not physically determined, girls will be equal to the man and make love as friends, not as minors. As such, the first time experience is not a constitution, it is rather an opening, and any love affair following will not be in conflict with the initial experience. Girls cannot have children this way, though. For a girl to be a mother, she must be the basic preference, governed by a man, that is the father, and her children should think of her as their way. For it to be so, she must be constituted, fresh and dignified.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Get yourself in order

If a being, that is a man or a woman, says, “save me from myself”, then thinking about its evil nature, that is the will to be evil, it has passed a limit by which there perhaps is no way back to life. That being is so low, so poor, so sad, so simple and so devoid of soul that perhaps life is passed. Degeneration has a limit, and let us make this the limit. If a being feel tempted to state that idiocy, my advice to that being is to tear its head off. It is better to go trough life not sensing and thinking than to have that orientation.

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Great Britain

To the Girl, Great Britain is incapable of surprising. Either they are making it, or they are on top of it, and anyhow it is an eye-land. That is just the way Eye am, and there is nothing one can do about it.

One can try to make a perspective ...

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Monday, 5 November 2018

People and pride

King David had a number of wives. He distanced himself from his wives, at one point, since they were intoxicated, mentally, by one of his sons, sleeping with them in an attempt to overrule David. They must, though, have had children. And Salomon, according to the Bibles aI have access to, had 1000 wives. Let us presume each of them gave Salomon two children, every other a boy. That is 1000 boys with a certain royal heritage. Jerusalem was not that big, at that time. And presumably, each boy was given a kind of support, making him somewhat distinct from the rest. And my question is, if it was an elite thinking which ruined Israel, materially speaking. There was a prophecy about division. The departure from the rule of the Law was, though, not prophesied.

Ai have no belief in elite thinking. Ai believe we are all originally children of God, placed in a culture to work together and love each other and create for each other the way we are gifted. We are free to pursue goals and to make wealth, of course. The aim of living, though, should be to make the culture proud. And an elite is not suited to do that. One should not, by law or by practise, exempt people from the common living. And one should see to it there are laws and procedures supporting those falling apart.

Regarding the hypnotized ones, and the broken ones, there is a call for common sense. People left of authority the way those are cannot answer to demands. One is exempt from the law. And one should see to it those people are not followed.

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What happened

It is not simple. There are many factors. There were circumstances. And, there was nature. What is clear, though, is that there is the law. And international law ruling national sovereignty. And hypnotizing of people not asking for it, and breaking of women and men for whatever reason, is, and has always been, violation of law. And the treatment of me is violation of law. Get it.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

My posters

Ai believe my posters on flickr.trixnix.com are good. If there are spots on any of them made by Satan, aI must be told. Ai will, of course, immediately destroy the ones infected.

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At war - are we

Ai hear what American artists are singing in Norwegian broadcasting, most of them forced to sing. Do Americans have any idea what the righteous wishes the U.S.A. to be?

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Cultures will last

During World War II, in 1940 to 1945, Norwegians made two tokens of resistance. One was the word "jøss". The word is an expression of surprise, together with delight or reluctance. The word is "really?", though with a clear judgement attitude. And from that behaviour, the word "jøssing" appeared, as the name of a true Norwegian. The other was the paper clip, in Norwegian named "binders". By the paper clip, an opposition is united, looking closely at it, though, it is nonsense to make that symbolism of it. People used to wear in on jackets, and the like, and it annoyed the German occupation power to the point it made law against it.

The Norwegians also made a new expression during the war, and that is "sivil ulydighet", meaning "civilian disobedience", further meaning, sabotaging by doing things awkwardly.

You see, Norwegians have a history of standing up. And when forced to obey, Norwegians look to Trondheim, to the "æ" of the "trønder", the goat, that is to the city of the cathedral, and think ahead. Lissom.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

So - what is the point of that

Ai guess it is possible to read a person's vision. To present that vision as to confirm or suggest something, as in court, or in a scientific exploration, is, though, not possible. Ai guess lawyers can come up with a number of reasons why. Let me just point out, that being subjected to stimuli, a being will not behave natural. That being is manipulated. Even animals used in behavioral research are manipulated.

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Friday, 19 October 2018


When the walls of Trixnix are clean, everything within Trixnix is clean. It is evident this is so. A bad tree cannot make good fruit. And the skin of the well is good. When a girl is a beauty, she is pure. It is evident this is so. And the use of symbols should be totally unnecessary to protect the holy.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Some will just go to Hell

The other day, aI saw the the locus "Gina" on Damesnames had been destroyed by Satan. Today, when aI wanted to correct it, the locus by Satan had been removed from the web site, and from my computer. Ai am sorry about that.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Memory is a strange thing

Ai have a specific memory from when aI worked at the Military Academy which a few, then cadets, will remember. Ai was sitting in the canteen, with a few, when a General surprisingly turned up. And aI failed to pay attention by giving the command "raise up". As a captain, sitting together with cadets. A cadet had to give the command. That was it. After that, aI was determined on leaving the Army.

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Ai believe there must be some kind of misunderstanding? Isolating a man, and making him subjected to common hatred?

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By verdict, you are either right or wrong. To make a lawsuit against someone who has been found not guilty in court, is nonsense.

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Copyright is not an easy subject to discuss. We must distinguish between inventions and expressions of art, and we must consider the benefit of the people, to whom God gave. It is, with that in mind, my clear opinion, copyright and patent right cannot be sold or inherited.

Speaking about copyright, it has come to the ridiculous when you cannot make smilies on internet because of copyright. And when publishing companies are put in power to decide which cultural works should be open to the public, this is insane.

Considering my own work, aI think aI want to be credited, and to make a living out of my efforts. Ai am not bothered in any way if people take a poster and make changes to it and keep it in the private. Ai am not bothered if a changed poster, without my stamp, appears on a private web site. Ai am not bothered if my music is played without my knowledge. Not at all, aI mean, quite the opposite. If one makes a recording, though, of my music, aI should be credited, and paid, since my music then is someones income. Likewise, with my poetry. Ai want it spread. Ai want people to send it to dear ones, and to make silly pages on blogs, and whatever, though, if a collection is made for the benefit of income, aI will be credited and paid as the creator.

Intellectual property aI consider to be expressions of wisdom, and scientific discoveries. There are rules, in science, about honouring originator. And, in fact, those are so strict that we still refer to Platon and Aristoteles, living 2300 years ago. Making an intellectual statement is special. By doing so, one takes on authority. A statement is not a piece of work. And putting it straight, you are to relate to. Intellectual properties are constitutions. And laws of copyright should be strict regarding intellectual property.

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Sunday, 14 October 2018


This post is transferred from Google+, posted on Google+ 10 Oct 2018:

As aI remember it, this belt was the only belt available in the men's equipment store, and aI was in a hurry. Really, it is not my style. Ai bought it ten or fifteen years ago, and aI have never used it. The other day, though, aI picked it up. And aI saw this white label attached to it, by that screw. And aI thought, what now ... Obviously, the label has been longer, you can see the half image of a pair of scissors on it. And really, myself keeping a belt with that label attached to it? Obviously, it has been put there by Satan, and obviously aI annoyed Satan ten years ago by my decency and order, proven by the mess made in my boxes with nails, screws, ringbolts and tools, and proven by the ugliness of doors and walls and roofs in my apartment. Ai gave it a thought, though. And you know, the mark of the belt is "Premium". Maybe that label was there when aI bought it, aI don't remember. And if so, it would be test. Who would keep it?

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Thinking of Lauren Talley

Thinking of Lauren Talley, without listening to her, just a moment ago, and some minutes after that:

Ai believe that playing ("Going Out From There") made her weep, who is playing it, not because of the opposite arpeggio, and not because the 6 times intervals, though, because all the harp qualities are covered. Ai believe. You know, it is possible to rationalize. “Det er lov å tenke selv,” we say in Norwegian, not without a certain amount of irony.

If you can play that, you can play the harp. Ai believe.

As simple as that. Ai am no fool.

The tune “Join in” is special, since the organ is servile. And it is if the voice, the performer, the singing, is telling a story, totally independent of what the other instruments “think”, just stating.

Ai love you. “I've got a song” - that video performance – is historical.

Ai know. “Tulltone” is unexplainable, since one must pay attention. And wind instruments … As one? Remember, aI made it in two tries. Ai understood God gave me something special, and aI wanted to show off.

“Vals for treblåsere”, also for woodwinds, is the greatest thing ever written. Ai wanted it to be. To the glory of God. Christ! Waltz for woodwinds? And that start? Those lost in particularities will ponder upon it for forever. And it expresses innocence. The Girl. Treblåsere. And that change in key is fantastic. Not much artistry … Just going for it, and whatever. And that decisiveness of the clarinet is what takes it away. Bb. Just getting it.

Let God give us another one. “Ease”. Ai made that one (for string quartet) after aI had died. And aI wanted it to be friendly. There are four instruments, though clearly two voices. And there is tense. And harmony. Get it. Ai am the creative artist of all times. God makes me. And being hypnotized, is to me a nuisance, to say the least. It is the work of Satan, to state it clearly. And you know, obviously, people have no idea of my anger.

The Mary Poppins tunes are special. Ai don't know if you are familiar with Mary Poppins in the U.S.A. She is a bit different from Hucleberry Finn. Ai read about him, too, as a child. Though, Mary Poppins was the one who got me. Imagine, sailing in by an umbrella … Ai cannot remember the stories, though, as children, girls and boys are quite alike, and aI identified with the girls being visited. And those tunes are my perceptions. Pride. Formality. Aunt. Acknowledgement. Ai loved those stories.

Let God give a last one. “Gledestone”. Ai dedicated it to HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra. And aI was not at all happy. As formal, though, it is not so bad, aI believe. The harmony of four. Triumph. Ai believe, as a greeting, to the royal, it will work.

.·: † :·.

Ai understand it is serious

Yesterday, aI heard them say in the national Norwegian Broadcasting Company, in the News, in radio, that an American warship force, by an aircraft carrier, was heading for Norwegian territorial waters. Seen together with the great NATO exercise planned, and said to be taking place, that is close to conflict with Russia. It depends on the eyes. Ai wonder how stupidity could lead the modern man this far. And aI call upon Norwegians, to care for the children. Give them faith in being a child. And tell them to trust in God.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


We can have two presumptions about Jesus Christ. One is that he was hypnotized, instructed to say he was from above. The other is, He was God. Anyhow, Jesus Christ is the Son of Man.

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Saturday, 29 September 2018

," okey ...

," okey ... So, aI deleted scandieandie, that is my second Google account. A lot came out of it, though. Ai wonder how they feel in the U.S.A. Ai think aI have plans for that header, though. And if Satan wants to spam me down with ugly e-mails, Satan must start all over again.

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Thursday, 27 September 2018

Idiots go to Hell

Really; is it so difficult to understand the words of the Lord, Jesus Christ? Be nice and do well? Is it so difficult to get what our cultural fathers wrote? If you ask "how come" or "in what way" you are stupid, are you not?

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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Ai am about to state Trixnix

Ai am about to terminate my work on Trixnix, for Trixnix to be a complete and finished work, and for to make a new life. It will take some time. Some collections of poems must be made, and aI must think, a bit. Also in the future, my base on internet will be on Google. And my future on internet will be entirely English. Which means, aI must learn English. Future work on Trixnix will be administration.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

To India

Obviously, in India, they have affection for order, and for the maintenance and pride of different scopes, united. One should know, though, that the Son of Man is not answering to ladies, and to make Man dependent upon values is to turn everything upside down. Let us unite in Christ.

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Saturday, 15 September 2018

You should listen

Ai was superb when aI in 1997 was isolated and subjected to common hatred. That was the reason why aI was isolated and subjected to common hatred. That idiots should "make me" anything is a thought so stupid that, really, it escapes criticism.

It is time for the world to gather up and pay attention to the word of God. And the word of God, you know, is spoken by people who are by God.

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Better off alone

You know, one might say it would have been inconvenient if Jesus had stayed to rule the world. He had the disciples. In The New Testament it is shown how that relation was, and even so.

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Friday, 14 September 2018

It goes without saying

When the Chinese has a tradition for “bell towers”, you do not make a monumental one, in concrete. You simply do not do that, and it is not necessary to state why. When the English has the wonderful term “gay”, you do not take it to connote “homosexual”. You simply do not do it. And when the Norwegian has a special feeling about “foss” (waterfall), you do not use “Foss” as the name of a constructed or real company of harbour supply- and service boats. You simply do not do that.

Fossekallen ("dipper" in English)
The Norwegian national bird

Photo: Marton Berntsen

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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Psychology is most often shit

Ai am confident aI have all the fathers within me, which includes, of course, Moses and Abraham. Ai am the dream of the fathers of Israel.

"For whosoever shall commit any of these abominations, even the souls that commit them shall be cut off from among their people. Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the Lord your God.

And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Speak unto all the congregation of the children of Israel, and say unto them, Ye shall be holy: for I the Lord your God am holy."

(Leviticus 18:29 - 19:2)

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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Search on internet

Did you know that a number of nice specific advanced search pages are listed if you search for "advanced search" in a search engine?

And, on this site all, aI presume, advanced search tips are listed and explained: | Hubspot |.

Also, on a blogpost, advanced search is covered on this site, here called advanced search operators, and explained by difficult searches: | ahrefs |.

Ai enjoyed finding those sites. In the future, search will be easy.

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Thursday, 6 September 2018

My web sites

Ai know. My web sites are exceptionally nice. Look at the walls of Trixnix. Ai mean, what on earth. Simple, elegant, sweet, crisp and clear. In my opinion they show what Norwegian is. They are aspirations of mine. They are though all made as manipulations of the basic templates of Blogger and Google Sites. There is no mystery. Ai master html, to a certain extent, and aI know how to make a presentation vivid. So, aI am qualified. And aI have used years, any hour of day, challenging myself due to medicines forced upon me, to make them.

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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Be expected

For to be called life, a body must be living. A computer is not life. It might be programmed to be adding and subtracting, multiplying or dividing, and it might be programmed to take action. It is, though, not in any way able to take into account. And it might be made to reveal reactions looking like coming from emotions. For instance, there are some wonderful messages on Flickr when you upload a picture. We know, though, what they are. A computer can identify sound, vision, and smell. It has, though, no taste.

To the generations before us it was the growth on the ground and the beast on the ground which were challenging to religion. Both kinds of creations appeared as if voluntarily or community driven. And those were easy to make models of. We know, though, man stands above the created.

Please live. We are in a historical moment of change, and you cannot wait for someone to drag you.

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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

You are really stupid

Let us be realistic and bombastic about it. One cannot kill the brutal by regulation or by fiction. Rules and data manipulation will not stop the brutal. So, if life is offensive, and lie, and the law of the jungle, the brutal will rule, by cutting the crap. The brutal will be in power. To be in power, though, will to the one sparkle a want for legitimization, and for understanding. So, the one will make rules. And the one will make data. Since it is all crap, though, that one will be overrun by the brutal, cutting the crap. And there we go.

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Monday, 3 September 2018

To get it

Ai mean, there is no difference, really, between a rocking chair and a data program. You buy it, and it is yours. Some data programs, though, you lease. And when so, the programs will be presented to you in a way which changes. To lease a thing is not the same, though, as being dependent.

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Saturday, 1 September 2018


Ai believe we in Norway must get it we cannot say “tilhøre” about what we possess of material things. A chair or a computer or a car cannot listen, however carefully complicated those are made. And aI wonder if English speaking people originally said, “belong together (with).” Ai mean, “to long” is a verb. And it gives sense, Britain being an island. And indeed, “belongingness” is not a word in the Oxford Dictionary.

In Germany, they say “gehörigkeit”. And that is a bit like Norwegian, though not the same. In Norwegian we say “høre til”. That would be nonsense in German. And aI wonder if that “gehörigkeit” is indeed what lies behind the world spirit Hegel proposed.

In Google Translate, Norwegian “tilhøre” is translated to Simplified Chinese 联系, and involving English, aI see those signs indicate a number of relational concepts, and aI am not so sure any of these have anything with possessing to do.

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Monday, 27 August 2018

To the little green one

The treatment aI am subjected to is not sane. The contamination and destruction done to my apartment has not been sane, the medical treatment of me has not been sane, and the isolation of me is not sane. Ai believe today no-one can enter my apartment without me unconsciously having allowed it, which means the ones accompanying me without me sensing them must be specific people. It seems like my verandas and my small gardens are except, though, from being protected, since flowers are hampered with and ugliness appears. One thing is that on my veranda aI have a basket with many tea-lights, in three different shapes and sizes. And very often aI find a big one being forced together with a small one, content against content, so that aI must use a tool to get the two of them separated. And how will the not so well being react to that? How will the not so well being react to seeing aI don't keep the many tea-lights in my apartment fresh? Will the not so well being think something special if a specific tea light is burned out, and not changed with a new one?

Ai believe the not so well certainly will. And aI believe that the enforced togetherness of the big and small tea-light is covered with meaning, and that making it appear is not a voluntary act. Ai believe, though, that the not so well is bound up in a certain perspective. And whatever aI do, my actions will fit that perspective. So it is not so important if aI forget to change a burned out tea-light with a new one. Anyway, it will confirm. What matters, aI believe, is that aI am clear. And by being clear, to relate to.

This morning aI begun by exchanging all burned out tea-lights in my apartment with fresh ones. And aI took away a withered flower on my veranda, about to be, and aI took away some withered leaves on my yucca palm, and aI watered the little green one, and aI took away the garbage from the kitchen, and aI put on the dishwasher. And even more than this: Ai wrote this article.

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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Out of control it is not

The U.S.A. has got a challenge. Many Americans are my friends, and we despair that things has come this far. The U.S.A. is not alone, though. And taking opportunity one cannot. Let us observe and learn, and not be involved, by which we only practise.

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To America - from the fathers

You are no child if you are so
that from the father you will go
if only he is proud of you.
You know, the father is to do.

Take heed, and be your fathers of.
America is made of love.
And end this misery by which
the powerful is being rich.

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Saturday, 25 August 2018

Clear as the sky

One cannot be 50% bad and 50% good. One cannot have not love and affection and at the same time have love and affection. And if one has no love and affection, one will never be saved by love and affection. That is evident.

And even if one has love and affection, one is not always awake, and one is not always tough. For that to be not love and affection, one must have a position where one rules.

And if one has taken part in the torture and the breaking of another human being, one is in no position to discuss theological viewpoints.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018


  1. Anyone leading the way torturing, shall die.
  2. Anyone in charge of putting a device in someone's teeth shall die.
  3. Anyone in charge of using a device in someone's teeth to collect signals or to effect something, shall die.
  4. Anyone using a broken man or woman or a hypnotized man or woman to do anything, shall die.
  5. Anyone obeying order to torture without himself or herself being broken or hypnotized, shall die.
  6. Anyone penetrating a child, shall die.
  7. Anyone hypnotizing a man or a woman or a child, shall die.
  8. Anyone breaking a man or a woman or a child by inflicting physical pain shall die. Rape can be physical pain. Isolation can be physical pain. Medical treatment can be physical pain.
  9. Anyone performing espionage or sabotage in a private computer or phone shall die.
  10. Anyone performing espionage or sabotage in a private home shall die.
  11. Anyone making a man or a woman exempt from the law of the people shall die. The Head of a people is exempt. The Head of a people is not exempt from this Vaccinius law.
  12. Anyone making God Satan shall die.

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Monday, 13 August 2018

Legal of age

Ai believe girls should not be too young when they are engaged in sexual intercourse. The reason for this, is that the girl will get a feeling of being simple if she is just a sexual object, and such an experience, by the body, will give wounds. Ai believe the legal of age practise should be set to 15 years of age. A girl of 14 will be sexually attractive to most men, aI believe. She is fresh, though, and she cannot have the experience of being sexy as the 15 years of age has. We are not animals.

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Here we go again

Ai promise you aI will consider it true aI have made to many promises. Ai have promised too much. Obviously, it goes by the numbers, nowadays, so the amount of promises is out of the sack. And really, when aI have made a promise, aI cannot make another promise, can aI, and aI have made a promise to my girl, inside of me, and lately aI have made so many promises outside of me my girl looks like she have had a hair wash. Ai promise you aI will keep my promise to my girl, and make a lot of promises, though not count my chickens. Ai promise you my girl then will have another round in the shower. The shower, see, never says never. It is made to be promising.

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Saturday, 11 August 2018

Promise you agree

Ai promise aI will promise to much. Or, aI promise aI will not be promising. Ai promise aI will think about it. And promise no more than that.

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Friday, 10 August 2018

A performance of The Isaacs on Magnimix

Ai have added a new piece of art to Magnimix, and that is The Isaacs singing "I surrender all". Fantastic, it is. The video is posted in "Clue".

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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

My vision of the world

In my mind, the challenge is Afghanistan. Nuclear weapons are dangerous. Any nation using nuclear weapons today, though, will be annihilated. And speaking of that, the U.S.A. was the one hitting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was not polite. The challenge, though, is in the Middle East. And the Middle East is more than Jerusalem. And the challenge is togetherness. Russia tried to invade Afghanistan in the eighties, with no success. And the West, by the Americans, has tried to do something about Afghanistan lately. And Afghanistan will not adhere to power. Syrians were attacked, and fled. For good reasons. And the Syrian challenge is now a challenge of the civilization. Palestinians are in the custody of Israel. Most other Arabian nations are kind by the oil. And Libyans, aI believe, are looking to Afghanistan. What is it which makes this Afghani people absolutely impossible to rule? The mountains? One must understand that success leads to power.

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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Promising - again

All right !! Ai promise aI will make no more promises. Ai have never made promises, aI promise! And aI promise aI never will. Maybe aI will be promising, though. Ai promise aI will try.

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Friday, 3 August 2018

Thinking on The Prime Model

When aI first drew the model called “The Prime Model” back in 1995, aI quickly came to the conclusion it was of no use. So, aI put it away. Ai made the two oppositions, vertically and horizontally, and aI named the four realities. And aI drew a picture of myself sitting in front of the PC to illustrate it. The reason why aI put the model away, was that extragenous reality cannot be a thing. If extragenous reality is a thing, the model illustrates a closed being, and if so, it is a way. And extragenous reality is in the model what is divine. And God, that is Christ, cannot be made a thing.

Later aI have come to see that this understanding counts for all realities. The reason why aI chose to publish the model, was that the truth can be specific. The truth can be a calculation, or a verdict. And if so, extragenous reality is to relate to. When making the model, though, with extragenous reality as something to hold on, there will always be one relating. If extragenous reality is the father, who this is, who is relating, will be mother, son or daughter. And the one relating is not a thing.

Also aI have seen that endogenous reality is the reality which is the most foreign to extragenous reality. It is not objective and it is not ideal, and so endogenous reality is faith. And we are justified by faith, and by faith alone.

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Device in tooth

When it is possible to put a device in someone's teeth which, when triggered, gives intolerable headache and intolerable tooth ache, there must be death penalty for doing so. The one getting the idea must die, and the dentist executing it must die. If the dentist is hypnotized, the one hypnotizing the dentist must die.

This is the ultimate mean of control. If not banned by law, the devil has won.

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

More promising

Okey ... Ai promise aI will make more music. If it feels right. At least, aI will make something which reminds you of music. You know, one must be rational about it, so it can be crazy, what one makes. Ai promise. To be sensitive and sensible about it. And crazy. About it. Ai promise.

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My copyright

Ai have stated it earlier, in many years, and aI state it again: Ai shall be credited everything aI have created. It is called copyright. Copyright is governed by law.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018


No. I promise. Ai will not make more music. Tonight. At least not now. Ai promise. It is a deal. Maybe aI will continue to make music when my digesting of the present Jack Daniels has passed. That aI will not, aI cannot promise. Ai promise, though, that Tennessee has some influence on me, and so, right now, aI will listen to it, not making music myself. Ai promise.

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To the President of the U.S.A.

You know, Mr. President, there is one thing which appeared in America which is really crazy, and that is the abolishment of common sense. What aI am thinking about, is law suit. When the producer of soap has to print on the label of the product that one must not eat it, there really is something wrong. And when producers of data programs must make horrible legal statements which one must accept to use the program, there is something wrong. The production, affording and use of a data program cannot be in conflict with the law. It is as simple as that. People are not idiots.

What occupies me the most, though, is copyright, and copyright infringement. It is my clear stand that copyright cannot be sold, and cannot be inherited. By the law, any criminal act must be proven to be intentional. And those inventions, God given, come to stay.

The President should also know that sentences made in the U.S.A. from time to time appear as in conflict with common sense. To sentence a criminal to two times of life time punishment is crazy. In Norway, today, it is so that even if a man is found not guilty in court, there can be passed a law suit against him, forcing him to pay for the act. That is really beyond any common sense, and aI am afraid we in Norway looked to America when that law, or practice, mas made.

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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

About the errors Satan makes on my posting

Why is it that Satan always put errors in what aI post, on social media, or on blogs? It is, of course, to force me to check. Satan insists upon his power, and hate it when he is not noticed.

When always checking, always being alert and suspicious, one becomes afraid. And this is the aim of Satan. Satan hates innocence and faith, and will destroy anything like it, for to be in power. Ai really hate Satan.

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Final statement about composing

No. Maybe aI will try to make more music, after all. It is funny when it sounds right. Maybe aI can put another instrument to that thing.

.·: † :·.

No more composing

No. Ai will stop playing by composing. Composing is not my business, and aI don't have to compose. Ai can make songs. Ai have a score now with some bars as an effort to make something for piano, and it is not funny to try make something, and aI don't like what aI hear. It is a question if it is possible to make much more tunes, though. If not, it might be interesting to translate songs. And maybe aI will not make more music. Drawing should be my thing, now, together with poetry, aI believe. And there are so many possibilities by drawing, aI believe aI have enough to be occupied with. Other things than faces, and charcoal, ink, pen, painting, by different techniques, data manipulation, and drawing by data, and you name it. There is a lot to learn, and to explore. And even if aI see beyond that particular circle of the prime model, aI am not really qualified to make music. Ai can make a tune, and aI can make a chord, and that's it. So, aI think this is my definite goodbye to composing. Ai am extremely satisfied with what God gave me to make, and there was a development, and now aI think that experience aI am done with.

Ai have a feeling, though, aI will make a sorti.

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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Musicians can, and some would say, should, make minor changes to scores they play. They are performing the music, and how they do that, is, of course, entirely their business. A piece by Grieg is a piece by Grieg, even if a note or two have been taken away, or moved. Musicians know, though, that if a chord is changed, this means the chord progression that bar belongs to also must change. And if so, that piece of music is altered. Ai believe most scores today to be found in classical music are handwritten copies. And it would be very strange if the ones copying did not make adjustments when they wrote the music down. We are not talking about data programming.

What is stated above is the truth, and as such in a way like a "score". And when reading it, one may think, "even so ...". Music and wisdom stated has the property of being to rely on. And when so, one will in a way.

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Political parties

There is Tory and Labour and some in between, and the youth sees the power as mind to be seen. And as conflicts have been for the whole set of years, in the future the being still slavery fears.

What will make it all right, is the will to become, and in matters and missions agreeing with some. Being legal of age means one is to the Lord a capacity fit for the Lord to afford.

Let political parties be history, now. Let the King make a present of those who know how. And let parliament be, by the women and men, to the people a pride by appearance and pen.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

My belief in President Trump

Ai believe President Trump and his Administration faces challenges unknown of earlier in American history. Ai believe there is a force in belief it can rule even the President, which is economical and cultural, and aI believe there is much international tension, and conflict.

Ai believe President Trump has a history of being quick, and aI believe he is typical American in that respect he is not afraid of going for it, whatever it is which there is ahead of him. Ai believe he is making effort in strengthening American native occupation, identification and juridical sovereignty.

His insistence on safe borders, particularly the border to Mexico, aI see in light of the present challenge people experience with personal identification with what other people say. And aI believe President Trump's remedy is self-esteem and the ability to make it clear, what is challenging. This approach reminds us of the Russian insistence on safe location, perhaps taking off after WWII, from the occupation of Stalingrad, and even so, the American approach is a bit different, since the American has a dream of making it.

My own concern is that measures taken to establish public health have little effect as long something is bothering as secret, and pain staking.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Hollywood and the like

It is terrible when people are corrupted by getting in power. It is terrible, since people suffer from it. And there is no law saying power corrupts, and if anyone has formulated such a law, it is wrong. Think of Peter, the disciple of Jesus. Think of Paul. In Italy, he was considered to be a god. Think of Martin Luther Jr. He could move the entire black population in America by a speech. Think of Mother Theresa. She could have sacked any government. Think of the ladies, and the few gentlemen, in the kindergartens. They can make the children pleasures. There is no excuse for going wrong when into power.

Satan is not gathered as one unless Satan has a focus. This is worth having in mind. Ai believe Satan controls the entertainment industry by now, and aI believe young, aspiring artists will suffer from abuse when they try to reach out. For Satan to be united, though, there must be a formulated will to take him or her out, speaking of artist. And when so, Satan is a social being, not empowerment. And the industry is not possessed. It is taken care of.

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

To the boys of the youth

Let us be sober about it: Lot was the nephew of Abraham. When the daughters of Lot raised Lot to make them conceive, he slept. The offspring were the tribes of the Ammonites and the Moabites, as aI recall. In other words, Lot must have been hypnotized. The woman has, as such, in her belonging a certain power, historically, which is not polite. For a man to be hypnotized by another man, he must be a fool.

And when Abraham wanted to sacrifice Isaac, his son, on the fire, it must have been for a reason. Abraham had a promise from God about his family, and when he wanted to kill his offspring, it must have been because he felt it was not his. So, Isaac must have been broken, in other words tortured to submissiveness. And when Leah, the daughter of Israel, was raped, the twelve sons of Israel stood up, outraged, and made a devastating revenge. And this happened almost two thousand years before Christ. Girls of that time did not wear perfume. It happened 6-700 years before the Law of Moses came to the world. So, it is likely she was broken.

We have come a long way since then. Civilization means brains are accepted, and civilization means love is acknowledged. In Norwegian, we have a wonderful expression, saying there is “ingen vits” when there is “no point” in doing something. And “vits” in Norwegian is also “joke”. So, we get it there is not much amusing to create and to give in to dreaming when powerless.

Girls should NOT be belongings to groups. When they are, they are made whores, and their abusers will go to hell. As simple as that. Girls should NOT be raped. When they are, they are offended, and to offend a girl is to take her dignity away from her. Love is dependent on dignity. Men should NOT obey the crowd. When they do, they are simple, and mean, foolish and weak. Men come together when something needs to be done in common. And we establish societies, for safety reasons, and for feelings of worth. A soldier of fortune is of no worth. Men should NOT show themselves excited by other men. When they are, they are corrupt. Men should be enthusiastic about ideas, not power.

There is not much difference between a broken heart and a broken mind, speaking of kills. Breaking a person is the worst offence. Doing so is to vanish.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

The ouroboros

Stated in Wikipedia, is that ouroboros “is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.“ It says the ouroboros is “often taken to symbolize introspection, the eternal return or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself. It also represents the infinite cycle of nature's endless creation and destruction, life, and death.”

We may think of life as enduring, and picture it, for example, by the corn, going to the ground to be seed, and even by corn being harvested, to become seed. There is no improvement, though, immanent in this enduring cycle. To say the corn develops, in light of an evolution theory, is a bit crazy. Animals, being somewhat more oriented, also make offspring. The dog, we know, is the one returning to its faeces. The dog is oriented by the smell of it. And also some other animals, aI believe, are oriented by the smell of faeces, sensing danger. Offspring, as new life, beasts have no notion of. Human beings literally make offspring. And to a mother and to a father, to enjoy their sons and daughters alive is continual joy and a matter of learning. The snake eating itself in the tail is a silly symbol. It shows nothing.

By the end of life human beings will be justified by their creative work. Great or small as it is, God given, their creative efforts show their love.

.·: † :·.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


Thinking about it, it is my experience old cultural expressions in most cases are rooted in actual experience. When American father's said, “don't count your chickens,” it means chicken on the farm went lose, and were killed by animals on the ground.

Today, aI perceive people are broken. And in English one speaks about broken hearts and broken minds. And those expressions must have origins. It is my perception that people, men and woman, by torture can be killed and made slaves by losing their sight, speaking of orientation and focus.

So-called mind control can, though, also be executed by hypnosis. A hypnotised being, man or woman, cannot be made to change personality. One cannot be made to be good or evil, by hypnosis. People can though be hypnotized to behave in certain ways, to express certain things, and to perform certain actions. Ai am myself hypnotized, and my experience is that aI am scared. Ai have lost control of my body, which is my surrounding, come to be, and aI have made myself a centre of being in my brain, as if a virgin in a castle. By this, my work don't affect me. A hypnotized Christian girl made a whore will, in her own mind, and to God, still be a virgin. Since a hypnotised being cannot relate to experience, though, a hypnotized being is in fact killed. The work of the hypnotized being, speaking of ability, is, though, his or her own, since it is quality.

.·: † :·.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018


What professions do homosexual people have? Homosexuals are men. Are they carpenters? Are they woodsmen? Are they miners? Are they leading men at war? Ai mean, a dentist who is a homosexual; is he really a dentist, or is he a merchant? When homosexuality becomes a problem, it also becomes evident we should have listened to our fathers. And when so, that we should ask ourselves if there are other considerations we have not taken.

.·: † :·.

Death penalty

Ai believe death penalty might be convenient. Commitment to crime is a matter of belonging to a class, and the ruler of the country should see it fit Satan in no way gets foothold. Ai believe, though, execution of convicts should be afforded within a matter of days. If the convict is given a chance to change orientation, by regretting his sin, the ambition of the death penalty is destroyed. And aI believe convicts should be executed by shooting, afforded by the armed forces, according to a specific rule of material law. Doing so would be clearly signalling. Poison, as mean of execution, is unfortunate, since the convict by that kind of execution is immobilized.

By treating certain people in the way aI here suggest, that people is clearly put against the wall, and given opportunity to stand.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Get it

In Norwegian, we might say, "aI get pain inside of me." That is a stupid expression, of course, since pain we feel, and don't relate to. Maybe we can relate to pain, though. Ai believe aI once did, at the dentists. And aI get pain inside of me when aI hear singing artists in languages aI understand perform songs on radio and on Spotify, perceiving they have been broken. Their music may be insanely good. To think about what they have suffered, though, is terrible. And to think about the loss to the human kind they represent, is making me despairing. In Norway, aI believe, besides musicians and singing artists, people working in the national broadcasting company, called NRK, have been subjected to special treatment by Satan. Ai have perceived broken minds, and aI have perceived hypnotized beings. And there is no word for the sadness aI feel.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 4 June 2018

That being of us

When together as one, we are some to the Son. And when so, we may do well, or we may do bad. And God may encourage that feeling of being so, or God may see to it we think about it, and distance ourselves from it. The case is, culture is basically language. And Christ, being the Word, is not by a particular tongue. Language opens the being. When we settle, we can be confused by poor sight. And there is no end to it. Culture is a long walk.

Also, some people can be manipulated. Some lack the self-assurance to front the common being, and when people are only fooling, by the lot, who cares.

Also, seduction may take place. A person, or a group of persons, may give the impression he, or they, are everybody's dream.

So, that feeling of being “us”, awakened in times of extraordinary cultural occasions, one should make an outer being, to love and to hate. Culture is educating, comforting and fun. There are, though, others.

.·: † :·.

Make yourself at home

The power of God will not be found in one particular place. Christ is the exemption.

Adam was not alone. Odin was the Scandinavian awakening. And the ancient Greek gods show there were more. And aI, Vaccinius, am not alone thrilled. In Norway, though, aI believe aI have a certain position.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Be not afraid to show enthusiasm

You know, youth, God is not often gifting people to be outstanding. In Norway, we had an amount of outstanding artists in the turn to the 20th century which really was strange. Other than that, it has gone many years between highlights. And we are a lot of people, not a family by inheritance. People can be gifted in many ways. Of course. The ones who really are remembered in the world, are those who have made everlasting expressions, picked up by the culture. As Grieg. And Halvorsen. Maybe Svendsen. Do Norway have other composers? God is not often gifting people to be outstanding.

Not often true creative artists are acknowledged by their time. That is the way it is, and true creative artists are familiar with this. One should not be evil against them, though, for the sake of fulfilling the tragedy. If one sees a splendour, why not greet it. Only plastic gets corrupted by a ball point pen.

.·: † :·.

Friday, 25 May 2018

This is really too stupid

Ai have got a feeling an insanely amount of possessing and tremendous belongings have been sought stolen from me by copyright infringement. Ai have got a feeling some have given the impressions they are in the position to make me create, and by that, wanted to be honoured for my work. This is so stupid and so evil it really goes beyond comprehension. Since aI am isolated, and since no one cares, this, though, is my feeling.

Really, it is special when a single person, an artist in the name of Jesus, the Father, a creator in the name of Christ, the Lord, is attacked by the multitude as if he was a military power, in battle, to be fought as if he was a machine. When so, there is no life in the multitude. Jesus warned us, there would be no faith on earth, at one point. Nevertheless, it is sad. It means Hell will be a big place.

.·: † :·.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Get it

We have thousand years ahead of us to get it right. We will see, that in twenty years from now we are better at it than today. What matters now, is to condemn Satan by the work of Satan, and make up a basis to encourage learning and to constitute the future. Making me an enemy is not the way.

.·: † :·.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Life is no game

I have absolutely no understanding for the torture of me, for the crippling of men, or for the breaking of women, and I will never have. And I cannot understand why people want to go to hell, which people will by not speaking up against it.

.·: † :·.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Henrik Ibsen was not stupid

It is expensive to be car (in Norwegian, "det er dyrt å være kar").

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Getting rid of it

The contamination done by Satan in my apartment is encompassing. The entrance is brownish, all way around, the storage room by the entrance less so, though with many strokes of whatever on the walls, and terribly looking shelves. All doors in the apartment were contaminated, and looking dirty. The bathroom was a mess, and whenever I showered, Satan used to come back, when I had left the apartment, to put drops of brownish illness on the walls, and on the roof. The kitchen was totally destroyed. All doors on the kitchen cabinets were full of shit, and so were the walls, and so were the equipment. Also inside of the cabinets there were dirt smeared on, in corners, on the surfaces of shelves, and in crevices. The shit was not removable by cleansers, and could only be removed by technical spiritus. The roof is not infected any other place than in the doorway and in the bathroom. The walls are impossible to clean.

The Lord lets me know the apartment now is tidy. Still, there is some cleaning to do. And I look forward to get a replacement of the dishwasher Satan destroyed, to wash whatever is in kitchen cabinets, and to wash the cabinets inside.

The Lord let me now the shit is not harming. I have never been ill by the shit.

I believe Satan have given more than one reason to turn my apartment into a garage. Satan, though, have only one motive, and that is to kill.

Even if my apartment was looking like hell, I believe I have lived in luxury compared to Rembrandt, for instance. I had space. And the furniture made the place a bit cosy, despite the excrement. And even if my house was better than the house of Rembrandt, I was the better painter. I was the artist of all times.

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Friday, 13 April 2018

The turn of times

Right now, many people are insane, both men and women, and not so many youths. They knew me, and they got the chance, to either be with me or against me. Christ left some without soul, and these are the ones now insane.

Miracles happen. Maybe they will come back to life. As for now, they are skilled the way they are without being interested.

In the future, there will be different orientations, speaking of living. Some will be justified by their children, who either will be justified by their children or go to heaven. Some are reluctant to go to heaven, and will go to heaven anyhow. Some have children, and will be taken to heaven anyhow. Those in heaven, are exempt juridical and biblical law. These are the children of God.

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

The future

We have God's word for it, given by Jesus, referred to in Matthew 24,21-24: "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shrew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

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Friday, 30 March 2018

To Lucy Moon

This tune I dedicate to Lucy Moon, to be her joy. It is written for string quartet.

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My way

According to the Scriptures, Jesus from Nazareth said: I (Jesus from Nazareth) am given all power in heaven and on earth. I firmly believe the Scriptures here are accurate. And I firmly believe what Jesus stated is true.

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

My view on sport

Why sport ... Exercise and training is important for well being. The look on it is not. And when sport becomes amusement for the crowd, the culture is in danger. I enjoy Norwegian triumphs on the sport arena. And as a child, I could look on important competitions broadcasted on television forever. An adult, though, being a man, is not occupied with sport.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Me and the girls

We appreciate NATO. And we suggested the UN. Membership in NATO is, though, not a permanent state of mind. It is a safety precaution. NATO is not established to defend a way. NATO is established to secure autonomy.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

A scientifically exploration of the Scientology Church

I have scientifically investigated the doctrine of the Scientology Church, by examining what is stated on the web page “What is the Scientology cross?”, presented by the Scientology Church | here |.

What hits me, is that being is thought of as a development, where the being goes from immaturity to a feeling of being God. The Supreme Being is not ruling as a father, it is rather not it at all, rather the commonness of superiority. There is no notion of the Son, justifying. In that respect, love cannot be a state of mind, and love must be an attitude. Love is not kind.

By affording education, one in the Scientology Church stands in the way of this achievement. And by making up an elite, people are made small.

Acknowledging this, it is clear to me I shall be reminded of the voice of my step father, telling me to take a look in the mirror, sometimes, saying to myself, “brother; you are dynamite.” There is no way I can relate to a person in or of the Scientology Church.

Based on common knowledge of the Scientology Church, which of course have influenced my scope when investigating it, though in such a way that I am alarmed, I have formulated four questions, and a statement. These are:

If abilities are indefinite, why do they have intelligence tests?

If abilities are indefinite, what is that Supreme Being? One who does not take it, any more, or cares, any more?

If the level of truthfulness is a measure, shown by the use of lie detectors, what about caring?

If togetherness is magic, who makes it?

I will say, if one in the "religion" is not peremptory, there is no respect.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Make us proud

There is so much pain inflicting information provided. This story I came over by searching for "Norwegian officer" on an image search in Google: | Fact check on Snopes |.

That said, that particular police officer uniform I dislike. It belongs to an officer of a bicycle patrol, and even so, it is far too slim. It is not distinct.

Thinking about it, that article in Snopes is not formal, either.

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To Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra

Allow me to present this song to Her Royal Highness.

Lady blue by Anders Woje Ellingsen

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

New post on Magnimix

Yesterday, I posted a new post on Magnimix, and that is a video where Buddy Greene is performing the song "I don't belong", which I believe he has written himself. It is a beautiful song. It is posted in "Plan".

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Friday, 16 March 2018

The Scientology Church

Economically, scientifically and culturally, the Scientology Church is the most powerful establishment in the world, today. But as an owner. It has no assets, and it produces nothing. It is not kind.

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

I believe we should be thankful

I believe Elvis Presley had a great impact on the Norwegian society. He came to reduce Norwegian formalism. Norway had been ruled by both Denmark and by Sweden, and even if that was a time ago, the conquering attitude goes not easy. Elvis was very popular in Norway. To the generation before me, he came as a fresh breath of wind, listening Norwegians were to dramatized theatre music and accordion music. Also, he was Christian. And I believe he opened the Norwegian interest for the U.S.A. The hit lists were of interest.

The nest step of the 20th century, I believe, came by The Beatles, and they appeared when I was a child. By The Beatles, songs were acknowledged, and a original song tradition was made. I believe The Beatles had much to say about the way of thinking, too, speaking of morals. A curious thing, perhaps, is that, and I really believe this to be so, the word “suitcase” in the song Lady Madonna came to mean “thinking of casual sex” in Norway. Today, that is a cultural expression.

The most popular songs of The Beatles were, I believe, Yesterday and Let It Be, and after these, Hey Jude. I believe it had with innocence to do.

In Let It Be, it says,

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. Let it be.

I believe Norwegians acknowledged the fact action speaks louder than words. More important, though, I believe it was that we had a notion of "Mother Norway", present in school, and in media by scientists.

Later, when I was young, the influence from foreign artists was diversified. I listened to Nina Hagen. And Toyah. And Madness. And the Bellamy Brothers.

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Not the rule

I believe Satan is a bit reduced. What Satan can do, is to get to know the car. This image is from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Crimea and Russia

One shall be sober. When the Crimean secession from Ukraine is problematic, it is because the Russian sphere develops. There has been other secessions, which have not sparked the same tension, and I am thinking of former Yugoslavia and of nations in Africa. Acknowledging this, one should be open about it, and name a spade a spade, as we say in Norwegian.

Russia is a superpower. And most people, I believe, want superpowers to be serving, only. We are not familiar with the Russian in the same way as we are familiar with the Englishman and the American. Russia is, though, a Christian nation.

In Norway, we should know the Russian. We have history together, since the Viking area. In fact, I believe the Norwegian was the one who made the Russian a bear.

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One more post on Magnimix

I have posted one more expression on Magnimix, and that is a video where a Russian lady is performing the song "Я на жизнь рассчитывать не вправе". I have posted it in Plea.

I don't know who the lady is, and I only have machine translation of the text of the song. The performance is, though, heart breaking. It is a while since it was posted on YouTube, I see.

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Friday, 9 March 2018

Present value

Put in California one
was far in the wilderness gone.
He said, it is real
if something you feel
is lost when established and done.

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Being of worth

After having been tortured for twenty years, I believe I must be pretty boring, to some. I am a simple man. I mean, what more can I possibly tell you?

Karl Marx was a nice person. After his death, his wife testified he had been a good father. He wrote (my translation):

“The added value rate is [ ] the precise expression for the level of the exploitation of the work force by the capital, or of the capitalists exploitation of the labour.

The method by which the added value rate is calculated, is simply this: We take the whole of the product value and let the constant capital, which only in the resurrection of the product value is valid, be zero. The sum of worth we are left with, is the only product value which in fact is produced during the production of the gain. If the added value is clear, we subtract it from the gain worth to find the variable capital. We calculate the other way around if the variable capital is clear, and we shall find the added value. If both measures are clear, what is left, is to make the final calculation, which is to find the ratio between the added value and the variable capital, m / v .”

(Karl Marx, in “Capital. Critique of Political Economy “, Book 2, Seventh chapter: The exploitation rate of the work force)

You see, making babies should be fun!

Instead of exploiting me, descendent of a simple survivor from the inexplorable wilderness of Northern Norway (I love it - I just made that word up), one should be friendly, and see what the offspring of Marx does, today.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

My belongingness to the U.S.A.

I know. The age of ten is a little bit late to seek membership in a club in a children's magazine. I was a bit late understanding that I could. I did, though, and I can tell you I am the proud member of the tribe of the Kiowa. The Kiowa lives in the heart of the U.S.A., in the Great Plains, and the Kiowa distinguish themselves by being wise and extremely talented artistically. As you might know, and which I believe I know, Kiowa means "Principal People". Also, I am very affectionate towards a squaw named Moon Beam ("Månestråle" in Norwegian).

The read heart is back

The red heart seems to be back. ❤️ It must have happened recently. I wrote about it when the red heart was destroyed, and I believe it must have been the winter or spring of 2016, though I cannot remember. (I have deleted my old posts.) It is good to see it back.
💜 ❤️

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

I am at war

Please understand that Satan, reading my computer, controlling my apartment and my environment, and torturing me, is able to make something look like it is coming from me, especially from my computer, even if it is not. Satan has no illusions, and Satan is totally evil. Satan is facing life time in jail for treason and attempt on coup d'état, and presumably, Satan will do anything in his power to destroy me.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

To HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra

It was nice, Your Royal Highness, to be able to present my country the way I was let to do last night. Norway is beautiful, and even if my presentation was not very detailed, I believe one got sight of the nature. Tonight, I will take the world to my other girl.

I believe one or two disposed a tear, last night. Also because the mercy of God to cultures is so different, comparing. And some maybe was jealous. My family was not wealthy, though. My father was not a follower of dreams, and he was not a profit maker, and when the big wholesale Asko came to the town, he lay down his company. After a short while, he started working as a commoner in Asko. He used to get goodies out of date from groceries he visited. White cheese is a common topping on most pieces of bread, in Norway, and our white cheese was always about to mold. And my mother had to go to work. My father, though, was very frugal, much more than my mother wanted him to be, I am afraid. And there was no suffering in my family.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

Thank you

Thank you, America, for last night's opportunity to present Norway by Google Maps. And thank you, Russia, for beautiful pictures of Vigelandsparken. Thank You, Lord, for Your hospitality.

Google Search and Google Maps are fantastic tools in exploring the world, and by the Image Search, one sees that the meaning of words differs, around the globe. By Google Translate one will find what the word is in other cultures. Thank you, the people in Google, for your love.

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Mind control

There are three ways of making a man or a woman a slave. One is naturally, by making the nature of the person dependent. One is culturally, by making the work of the person dependent. And third is spiritually, by making the person's worry dependent.

Naturally, a person can be made dependent by brutal treatment. This is to break the person, by corporeally abuse, or by chemistry (medicament).

Culturally, a person can be made dependent by social restrain. Laws, and common attitude to a group, will spark such dependency, by making work ineffective.

Spiritually, a person can be made dependent by hypnosis. By hypnoses, the person's will is substituted with care for a specific attention.

In any of these instances of mind-control, it is fear what is injected. What we might call the self of the person is made totally open. More than vulnerable, it becomes God like.

In ancient Israel, there were slaves. The slaves of Israel were set lose, though, after seven years of answering for their master.

The black Americans gained citizenship as the majority became Christian. As Christians, they could not be treated as less worthy.

The one making another person a slave will be opposed to what is God like. Most likely, that person will get lost, exempt from any salvation.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Frode Berg in Russia

I call upon Russian authorities to treat the Norwegian pensioned officer Frode Berg, arrested for espionage, with love and understanding. The man does not seem to be analytical minded, and he does not seem to be hostile to Russia. I call upon the Russian authorities to acknowledge the fact an officer of any country in his circumstance will be cooperative as far as his conscience admits and as far as national law allows him to be, and I remind the Russian authorities of the fact Norwegians in relation to the people of Russia think in terms of defence, not aggression, militarily.

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Saturday, 10 February 2018

What influences the U.S.A.

I am a very good scientist. For instance, it has come to my attention there is a thing called “diaspora”. Originally, the word was used to term Jews living outside Israel, starting with St. Paul in Rome. By the MPI (Migration Policy Institute) in U.S.A. the term is used, though, to count the number of people in the U.S.A. which in a survey state their ancestors came from a specific another country. According to the MPI, the diaspora of the United Kingdom in 2013 was 31,999,000, and the diaspora of Norway was 4.482.000. Some will think that this means the cultural influence of the United Kingdom on the U.S.A. is much bigger than the influence of Norway. This is wrong. This is a boring way of reading statistics. We must see the figures in relation to the population of the United Kingdom and of Norway, respectively. And in 2016, the population of United Kingdom was 65.640.000, and the population of Norway was 5.233.000. This means, that relatively speaking, the influence from Norway is much bigger than the influence from the United Kingdom. The score for United Kingdom is only 48.74, and for Norway as high as 85.65. That means the effort from Norway is much stronger than that from the United Kingdom. My qualitative analysis of the Americans shows that power is acknowledged in the U.S.A., so the effect is of course much stronger when the force of the influence is stronger. The influence from Norway is much bigger on the U.S.A. than that of the United Kingdom.

The Norwegians are also more clever than the Englishmen in influencing, since they adapt to the native language.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Me and music theory

Music theory makes me crazy. You see, in music theory I am tonika, being myself. And I am Norwegian. As tonika, I have a dominant, and a subdominant, and dominant to me is English, since English is my second language, and subdominant to me is German, since German is supposed to be my third language. If I am C in the scale, English is G, and German is F. Now, if English, which to me is dominant, is tonika, English would also have a dominant and a subdominant. In English, Norwegian is subdominant, since C is the subdominant to G. But what is dominant to English? The dominant to G is D. And D is what comes after C. And I am C. What comes after me? Thinking about it, Danish is before me, and Swedish is behind me. Danes are pursuing me, and Swedes are after me. So, D, coming after C on the scale, must be Swedish, which means that to English, Swedish is dominant. It is as if the dominant to Norwegian, being English, expects the Norwegian to take the step to Swedish. Let us presume I did that. I went from C to D on the scale, and D became the tonika. And what is the dominant to D? It is A. What is A? Surely French. And I don’t speak a word French. And if A is the tonika, being French, the French would expect the D to turn to E, since E is the dominant of A. The French would expect the Swedes to jump one step up the ladder. And what is E? Russian? It is crazy. What about Finnish? And Korean? You see, music theory really makes me insane. If I was to obey, I would be Argentinian long before I made it to the Swedish border.

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