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Saturday, 13 January 2018


You cannot carry a knife in public in Norway. I believe the sheriff is somewhat disinterested on the countryside, but the case is clear. By the King there is absolutely no accept for romanticism regarding weaponry. The women will not tolerate it. Some possess guns, though, since the King allows hunting, and since the owners belong to what you may call “shooting clubs”. Those “clubs” are small societies of men, in particular, with a common interest for shooting. The King encourages those “clubs” by the Army, affording locations, and aim during the yearly national competition. There is a clear expectation to the members, to stand up in case of a sudden invasion.

I know that in some countries foreign to me, to carry a weapon is not prohibited, and it is difficult to get the weapons from the street. Generally, the thing is safety. Any man arguing for carriage of weapon must do so on the grounds of safety. If not, - - - well. So, to encourage the feeling of safety is the way of making it safer by disarmament.

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