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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Me and music theory

Music theory makes me crazy. You see, in music theory I am tonika, being myself. And I am Norwegian. As tonika, I have a dominant, and a subdominant, and dominant to me is English, since English is my second language, and subdominant to me is German, since German is supposed to be my third language. If I am C in the scale, English is G, and German is F. Now, if English, which to me is dominant, is tonika, English would also have a dominant and a subdominant. In English, Norwegian is subdominant, since C is the subdominant to G. But what is dominant to English? The dominant to G is D. And D is what comes after C. And I am C. What comes after me? Thinking about it, Danish is before me, and Swedish is behind me. Danes are pursuing me, and Swedes are after me. So, D, coming after C on the scale, must be Swedish, which means that to English, Swedish is dominant. It is as if the dominant to Norwegian, being English, expects the Norwegian to take the step to Swedish. Let us presume I did that. I went from C to D on the scale, and D became the tonika. And what is the dominant to D? It is A. What is A? Surely French. And I don’t speak a word French. And if A is the tonika, being French, the French would expect the D to turn to E, since E is the dominant of A. The French would expect the Swedes to jump one step up the ladder. And what is E? Russian? It is crazy. What about Finnish? And Korean? You see, music theory really makes me insane. If I was to obey, I would be Argentinian long before I made it to the Swedish border.

.·: † :·.

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