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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

To HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra

As Her Royal Highness might know, the song “Norwegian Wood”, by Beatles, was made known by the album “Rubber soul” in 1965.

Likely, the poem I here present is written by John Lennon. I feel I found the poem in the library of the Norwegian Military Academy in the late 80ties. Obviously, Lennon was thinking the Norwegians maybe would be provoked by the text, so he sent the poem to the military academy. The captain usually opening the mail at the academy obviously was in a meeting when it arrived, and the corporal opening the mail in his absence, must have perceived it as to be so important, he immediately sent it to the library. So the poem never reached attention. Before now.


When I am in a certain mood,
I much would like to make a point.
Then I think of Norwegian wood.
It never fails in making joint.

A bowler has a certain hat.
And that, one will be looking at,
if absent - in Norwegian wood,
no trees to vision, understood.

.·: † :·.

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