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Saturday, 10 February 2018

What influences the U.S.A.

I am a very good scientist. For instance, it has come to my attention there is a thing called “diaspora”. Originally, the word was used to term Jews living outside Israel, starting with St. Paul in Rome. By the MPI (Migration Policy Institute) in U.S.A. the term is used, though, to count the number of people in the U.S.A. which in a survey state their ancestors came from a specific another country. According to the MPI, the diaspora of the United Kingdom in 2013 was 31,999,000, and the diaspora of Norway was 4.482.000. Some will think that this means the cultural influence of the United Kingdom on the U.S.A. is much bigger than the influence of Norway. This is wrong. This is a boring way of reading statistics. We must see the figures in relation to the population of the United Kingdom and of Norway, respectively. And in 2016, the population of United Kingdom was 65.640.000, and the population of Norway was 5.233.000. This means, that relatively speaking, the influence from Norway is much bigger than the influence from the United Kingdom. The score for United Kingdom is only 48.74, and for Norway as high as 85.65. That means the effort from Norway is much stronger than that from the United Kingdom. My qualitative analysis of the Americans shows that power is acknowledged in the U.S.A., so the effect is of course much stronger when the force of the influence is stronger. The influence from Norway is much bigger on the U.S.A. than that of the United Kingdom.

The Norwegians are also more clever than the Englishmen in influencing, since they adapt to the native language.

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