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Friday, 30 March 2018

To Lucy Moon

This tune I dedicate to Lucy Moon, to be her joy. It is written for string quartet.

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My way

According to the Scriptures, Jesus from Nazareth said: I (Jesus from Nazareth) am given all power in heaven and on earth. I firmly believe the Scriptures here are accurate. And I firmly believe what Jesus stated is true.

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Thursday, 29 March 2018

My view on sport

Why sport ... Exercise and training is important for well being. The look on it is not. And when sport becomes amusement for the crowd, the culture is in danger. I enjoy Norwegian triumphs on the sport arena. And as a child, I could look on important competitions broadcasted on television forever. An adult, though, being a man, is not occupied with sport.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

Me and the girls

We appreciate NATO. And we suggested the UN. Membership in NATO is, though, not a permanent state of mind. It is a safety precaution. NATO is not established to defend a way. NATO is established to secure autonomy.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

A scientifically exploration of the Scientology Church

I have scientifically investigated the doctrine of the Scientology Church, by examining what is stated on the web page “What is the Scientology cross?”, presented by the Scientology Church | here |.

What hits me, is that being is thought of as a development, where the being goes from immaturity to a feeling of being God. The Supreme Being is not ruling as a father, it is rather not it at all, rather the commonness of superiority. There is no notion of the Son, justifying. In that respect, love cannot be a state of mind, and love must be an attitude. Love is not kind.

By affording education, one in the Scientology Church stands in the way of this achievement. And by making up an elite, people are made small.

Acknowledging this, it is clear to me I shall be reminded of the voice of my step father, telling me to take a look in the mirror, sometimes, saying to myself, “brother; you are dynamite.” There is no way I can relate to a person in or of the Scientology Church.

Based on common knowledge of the Scientology Church, which of course have influenced my scope when investigating it, though in such a way that I am alarmed, I have formulated four questions, and a statement. These are:

If abilities are indefinite, why do they have intelligence tests?

If abilities are indefinite, what is that Supreme Being? One who does not take it, any more, or cares, any more?

If the level of truthfulness is a measure, shown by the use of lie detectors, what about caring?

If togetherness is magic, who makes it?

I will say, if one in the "religion" is not peremptory, there is no respect.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Make us proud

There is so much pain inflicting information provided. This story I came over by searching for "Norwegian officer" on an image search in Google: | Fact check on Snopes |.

That said, that particular police officer uniform I dislike. It belongs to an officer of a bicycle patrol, and even so, it is far too slim. It is not distinct.

Thinking about it, that article in Snopes is not formal, either.

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To Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra

Allow me to present this song to Her Royal Highness.

Lady blue by Anders Woje Ellingsen

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

New post on Magnimix

Yesterday, I posted a new post on Magnimix, and that is a video where Buddy Greene is performing the song "I don't belong", which I believe he has written himself. It is a beautiful song. It is posted in "Plan".

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Friday, 16 March 2018

The Scientology Church

Economically, scientifically and culturally, the Scientology Church is the most powerful establishment in the world, today. But as an owner. It has no assets, and it produces nothing. It is not kind.

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

I believe we should be thankful

I believe Elvis Presley had a great impact on the Norwegian society. He came to reduce Norwegian formalism. Norway had been ruled by both Denmark and by Sweden, and even if that was a time ago, the conquering attitude goes not easy. Elvis was very popular in Norway. To the generation before me, he came as a fresh breath of wind, listening Norwegians were to dramatized theatre music and accordion music. Also, he was Christian. And I believe he opened the Norwegian interest for the U.S.A. The hit lists were of interest.

The nest step of the 20th century, I believe, came by The Beatles, and they appeared when I was a child. By The Beatles, songs were acknowledged, and a original song tradition was made. I believe The Beatles had much to say about the way of thinking, too, speaking of morals. A curious thing, perhaps, is that, and I really believe this to be so, the word “suitcase” in the song Lady Madonna came to mean “thinking of casual sex” in Norway. Today, that is a cultural expression.

The most popular songs of The Beatles were, I believe, Yesterday and Let It Be, and after these, Hey Jude. I believe it had with innocence to do.

In Let It Be, it says,

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. Let it be.

I believe Norwegians acknowledged the fact action speaks louder than words. More important, though, I believe it was that we had a notion of "Mother Norway", present in school, and in media by scientists.

Later, when I was young, the influence from foreign artists was diversified. I listened to Nina Hagen. And Toyah. And Madness. And the Bellamy Brothers.

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Not the rule

I believe Satan is a bit reduced. What Satan can do, is to get to know the car. This image is from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Crimea and Russia

One shall be sober. When the Crimean secession from Ukraine is problematic, it is because the Russian sphere develops. There has been other secessions, which have not sparked the same tension, and I am thinking of former Yugoslavia and of nations in Africa. Acknowledging this, one should be open about it, and name a spade a spade, as we say in Norwegian.

Russia is a superpower. And most people, I believe, want superpowers to be serving, only. We are not familiar with the Russian in the same way as we are familiar with the Englishman and the American. Russia is, though, a Christian nation.

In Norway, we should know the Russian. We have history together, since the Viking area. In fact, I believe the Norwegian was the one who made the Russian a bear.

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One more post on Magnimix

I have posted one more expression on Magnimix, and that is a video where a Russian lady is performing the song "Я на жизнь рассчитывать не вправе". I have posted it in Plea.

I don't know who the lady is, and I only have machine translation of the text of the song. The performance is, though, heart breaking. It is a while since it was posted on YouTube, I see.

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Friday, 9 March 2018

Present value

Put in California one
was far in the wilderness gone.
He said, it is real
if something you feel
is lost when established and done.

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Being of worth

After having been tortured for twenty years, I believe I must be pretty boring, to some. I am a simple man. I mean, what more can I possibly tell you?

Karl Marx was a nice person. After his death, his wife testified he had been a good father. He wrote (my translation):

“The added value rate is [ ] the precise expression for the level of the exploitation of the work force by the capital, or of the capitalists exploitation of the labour.

The method by which the added value rate is calculated, is simply this: We take the whole of the product value and let the constant capital, which only in the resurrection of the product value is valid, be zero. The sum of worth we are left with, is the only product value which in fact is produced during the production of the gain. If the added value is clear, we subtract it from the gain worth to find the variable capital. We calculate the other way around if the variable capital is clear, and we shall find the added value. If both measures are clear, what is left, is to make the final calculation, which is to find the ratio between the added value and the variable capital, m / v .”

(Karl Marx, in “Capital. Critique of Political Economy “, Book 2, Seventh chapter: The exploitation rate of the work force)

You see, making babies should be fun!

Instead of exploiting me, descendent of a simple survivor from the inexplorable wilderness of Northern Norway (I love it - I just made that word up), one should be friendly, and see what the offspring of Marx does, today.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

My belongingness to the U.S.A.

I know. The age of ten is a little bit late to seek membership in a club in a children's magazine. I was a bit late understanding that I could. I did, though, and I can tell you I am the proud member of the tribe of the Kiowa. The Kiowa lives in the heart of the U.S.A., in the Great Plains, and the Kiowa distinguish themselves by being wise and extremely talented artistically. As you might know, and which I believe I know, Kiowa means "Principal People". Also, I am very affectionate towards a squaw named Moon Beam ("Månestråle" in Norwegian).

The read heart is back

The red heart seems to be back. ❤️ It must have happened recently. I wrote about it when the red heart was destroyed, and I believe it must have been the winter or spring of 2016, though I cannot remember. (I have deleted my old posts.) It is good to see it back.
💜 ❤️

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Sunday, 4 March 2018

I am at war

Please understand that Satan, reading my computer, controlling my apartment and my environment, and torturing me, is able to make something look like it is coming from me, especially from my computer, even if it is not. Satan has no illusions, and Satan is totally evil. Satan is facing life time in jail for treason and attempt on coup d'état, and presumably, Satan will do anything in his power to destroy me.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

To HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra

It was nice, Your Royal Highness, to be able to present my country the way I was let to do last night. Norway is beautiful, and even if my presentation was not very detailed, I believe one got sight of the nature. Tonight, I will take the world to my other girl.

I believe one or two disposed a tear, last night. Also because the mercy of God to cultures is so different, comparing. And some maybe was jealous. My family was not wealthy, though. My father was not a follower of dreams, and he was not a profit maker, and when the big wholesale Asko came to the town, he lay down his company. After a short while, he started working as a commoner in Asko. He used to get goodies out of date from groceries he visited. White cheese is a common topping on most pieces of bread, in Norway, and our white cheese was always about to mold. And my mother had to go to work. My father, though, was very frugal, much more than my mother wanted him to be, I am afraid. And there was no suffering in my family.

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