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Thursday, 22 March 2018

A scientifically exploration of the Scientology Church

I have scientifically investigated the doctrine of the Scientology Church, by examining what is stated on the web page “What is the Scientology cross?”, presented by the Scientology Church | here |.

What hits me, is that being is thought of as a development, where the being goes from immaturity to a feeling of being God. The Supreme Being is not ruling as a father, it is rather not it at all, rather the commonness of superiority. There is no notion of the Son, justifying. In that respect, love cannot be a state of mind, and love must be an attitude. Love is not kind.

By affording education, one in the Scientology Church stands in the way of this achievement. And by making up an elite, people are made small.

Acknowledging this, it is clear to me I shall be reminded of the voice of my step father, telling me to take a look in the mirror, sometimes, saying to myself, “brother; you are dynamite.” There is no way I can relate to a person in or of the Scientology Church.

Based on common knowledge of the Scientology Church, which of course have influenced my scope when investigating it, though in such a way that I am alarmed, I have formulated four questions, and a statement. These are:

If abilities are indefinite, why do they have intelligence tests?

If abilities are indefinite, what is that Supreme Being? One who does not take it, any more, or cares, any more?

If the level of truthfulness is a measure, shown by the use of lie detectors, what about caring?

If togetherness is magic, who makes it?

I will say, if one in the "religion" is not peremptory, there is no respect.

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