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Friday, 9 March 2018

Being of worth

After having been tortured for twenty years, I believe I must be pretty boring, to some. I am a simple man. I mean, what more can I possibly tell you?

Karl Marx was a nice person. After his death, his wife testified he had been a good father. He wrote (my translation):

“The added value rate is [ ] the precise expression for the level of the exploitation of the work force by the capital, or of the capitalists exploitation of the labour.

The method by which the added value rate is calculated, is simply this: We take the whole of the product value and let the constant capital, which only in the resurrection of the product value is valid, be zero. The sum of worth we are left with, is the only product value which in fact is produced during the production of the gain. If the added value is clear, we subtract it from the gain worth to find the variable capital. We calculate the other way around if the variable capital is clear, and we shall find the added value. If both measures are clear, what is left, is to make the final calculation, which is to find the ratio between the added value and the variable capital, m / v .”

(Karl Marx, in “Capital. Critique of Political Economy “, Book 2, Seventh chapter: The exploitation rate of the work force)

You see, making babies should be fun!

Instead of exploiting me, descendent of a simple survivor from the inexplorable wilderness of Northern Norway (I love it - I just made that word up), one should be friendly, and see what the offspring of Marx does, today.

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