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Thursday, 15 March 2018

I believe we should be thankful

I believe Elvis Presley had a great impact on the Norwegian society. He came to reduce Norwegian formalism. Norway had been ruled by both Denmark and by Sweden, and even if that was a time ago, the conquering attitude goes not easy. Elvis was very popular in Norway. To the generation before me, he came as a fresh breath of wind, listening Norwegians were to dramatized theatre music and accordion music. Also, he was Christian. And I believe he opened the Norwegian interest for the U.S.A. The hit lists were of interest.

The nest step of the 20th century, I believe, came by The Beatles, and they appeared when I was a child. By The Beatles, songs were acknowledged, and a original song tradition was made. I believe The Beatles had much to say about the way of thinking, too, speaking of morals. A curious thing, perhaps, is that, and I really believe this to be so, the word “suitcase” in the song Lady Madonna came to mean “thinking of casual sex” in Norway. Today, that is a cultural expression.

The most popular songs of The Beatles were, I believe, Yesterday and Let It Be, and after these, Hey Jude. I believe it had with innocence to do.

In Let It Be, it says,

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom. Let it be.

I believe Norwegians acknowledged the fact action speaks louder than words. More important, though, I believe it was that we had a notion of "Mother Norway", present in school, and in media by scientists.

Later, when I was young, the influence from foreign artists was diversified. I listened to Nina Hagen. And Toyah. And Madness. And the Bellamy Brothers.

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