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Thursday, 1 March 2018

To HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra

It was nice, Your Royal Highness, to be able to present my country the way I was let to do last night. Norway is beautiful, and even if my presentation was not very detailed, I believe one got sight of the nature. Tonight, I will take the world to my other girl.

I believe one or two disposed a tear, last night. Also because the mercy of God to cultures is so different, comparing. And some maybe was jealous. My family was not wealthy, though. My father was not a follower of dreams, and he was not a profit maker, and when the big wholesale Asko came to the town, he lay down his company. After a short while, he started working as a commoner in Asko. He used to get goodies out of date from groceries he visited. White cheese is a common topping on most pieces of bread, in Norway, and our white cheese was always about to mold. And my mother had to go to work. My father, though, was very frugal, much more than my mother wanted him to be, I am afraid. And there was no suffering in my family.

.·: † :·.

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