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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Be not afraid to show enthusiasm

You know, youth, God is not often gifting people to be outstanding. In Norway, we had an amount of outstanding artists in the turn to the 20th century which really was strange. Other than that, it has gone many years between highlights. And we are a lot of people, not a family by inheritance. People can be gifted in many ways. Of course. The ones who really are remembered in the world, are those who have made everlasting expressions, picked up by the culture. As Grieg. And Halvorsen. Maybe Svendsen. Do Norway have other composers? God is not often gifting people to be outstanding.

Not often true creative artists are acknowledged by their time. That is the way it is, and true creative artists are familiar with this. One should not be evil against them, though, for the sake of fulfilling the tragedy. If one sees a splendour, why not greet it. Only plastic gets corrupted by a ball point pen.

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