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Monday, 4 June 2018

That being of us

When together as one, we are some to the Son. And when so, we may do well, or we may do bad. And God may encourage that feeling of being so, or God may see to it we think about it, and distance ourselves from it. The case is, culture is basically language. And Christ, being the Word, is not by a particular tongue. Language opens the being. When we settle, we can be confused by poor sight. And there is no end to it. Culture is a long walk.

Also, some people can be manipulated. Some lack the self-assurance to front the common being, and when people are only fooling, by the lot, who cares.

Also, seduction may take place. A person, or a group of persons, may give the impression he, or they, are everybody's dream.

So, that feeling of being “us”, awakened in times of extraordinary cultural occasions, one should make an outer being, to love and to hate. Culture is educating, comforting and fun. There are, though, others.

.·: † :·.

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