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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

About the errors Satan makes on my posting

Why is it that Satan always put errors in what aI post, on social media, or on blogs? It is, of course, to force me to check. Satan insists upon his power, and hate it when he is not noticed.

When always checking, always being alert and suspicious, one becomes afraid. And this is the aim of Satan. Satan hates innocence and faith, and will destroy anything like it, for to be in power. Ai really hate Satan.

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Final statement about composing

No. Maybe aI will try to make more music, after all. It is funny when it sounds right. Maybe aI can put another instrument to that thing.

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No more composing

No. Ai will stop playing by composing. Composing is not my business, and aI don't have to compose. Ai can make songs. Ai have a score now with some bars as an effort to make something for piano, and it is not funny to try make something, and aI don't like what aI hear. It is a question if it is possible to make much more tunes, though. If not, it might be interesting to translate songs. And maybe aI will not make more music. Drawing should be my thing, now, together with poetry, aI believe. And there are so many possibilities by drawing, aI believe aI have enough to be occupied with. Other things than faces, and charcoal, ink, pen, painting, by different techniques, data manipulation, and drawing by data, and you name it. There is a lot to learn, and to explore. And even if aI see beyond that particular circle of the prime model, aI am not really qualified to make music. Ai can make a tune, and aI can make a chord, and that's it. So, aI think this is my definite goodbye to composing. Ai am extremely satisfied with what God gave me to make, and there was a development, and now aI think that experience aI am done with.

Ai have a feeling, though, aI will make a sorti.

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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Musicians can, and some would say, should, make minor changes to scores they play. They are performing the music, and how they do that, is, of course, entirely their business. A piece by Grieg is a piece by Grieg, even if a note or two have been taken away, or moved. Musicians know, though, that if a chord is changed, this means the chord progression that bar belongs to also must change. And if so, that piece of music is altered. Ai believe most scores today to be found in classical music are handwritten copies. And it would be very strange if the ones copying did not make adjustments when they wrote the music down. We are not talking about data programming.

What is stated above is the truth, and as such in a way like a "score". And when reading it, one may think, "even so ...". Music and wisdom stated has the property of being to rely on. And when so, one will in a way.

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Political parties

There is Tory and Labour and some in between, and the youth sees the power as mind to be seen. And as conflicts have been for the whole set of years, in the future the being still slavery fears.

What will make it all right, is the will to become, and in matters and missions agreeing with some. Being legal of age means one is to the Lord a capacity fit for the Lord to afford.

Let political parties be history, now. Let the King make a present of those who know how. And let parliament be, by the women and men, to the people a pride by appearance and pen.

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Saturday, 14 July 2018

My belief in President Trump

Ai believe President Trump and his Administration faces challenges unknown of earlier in American history. Ai believe there is a force in belief it can rule even the President, which is economical and cultural, and aI believe there is much international tension, and conflict.

Ai believe President Trump has a history of being quick, and aI believe he is typical American in that respect he is not afraid of going for it, whatever it is which there is ahead of him. Ai believe he is making effort in strengthening American native occupation, identification and juridical sovereignty.

His insistence on safe borders, particularly the border to Mexico, aI see in light of the present challenge people experience with personal identification with what other people say. And aI believe President Trump's remedy is self-esteem and the ability to make it clear, what is challenging. This approach reminds us of the Russian insistence on safe location, perhaps taking off after WWII, from the occupation of Stalingrad, and even so, the American approach is a bit different, since the American has a dream of making it.

My own concern is that measures taken to establish public health have little effect as long something is bothering as secret, and pain staking.

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Hollywood and the like

It is terrible when people are corrupted by getting in power. It is terrible, since people suffer from it. And there is no law saying power corrupts, and if anyone has formulated such a law, it is wrong. Think of Peter, the disciple of Jesus. Think of Paul. In Italy, he was considered to be a god. Think of Martin Luther Jr. He could move the entire black population in America by a speech. Think of Mother Theresa. She could have sacked any government. Think of the ladies, and the few gentlemen, in the kindergartens. They can make the children pleasures. There is no excuse for going wrong when into power.

Satan is not gathered as one unless Satan has a focus. This is worth having in mind. Ai believe Satan controls the entertainment industry by now, and aI believe young, aspiring artists will suffer from abuse when they try to reach out. For Satan to be united, though, there must be a formulated will to take him or her out, speaking of artist. And when so, Satan is a social being, not empowerment. And the industry is not possessed. It is taken care of.

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Sunday, 1 July 2018

To the boys of the youth

Let us be sober about it: Lot was the nephew of Abraham. When the daughters of Lot raised Lot to make them conceive, he slept. The offspring were the tribes of the Ammonites and the Moabites, as aI recall. In other words, Lot must have been hypnotized. The woman has, as such, in her belonging a certain power, historically, which is not polite. For a man to be hypnotized by another man, he must be a fool.

And when Abraham wanted to sacrifice Isaac, his son, on the fire, it must have been for a reason. Abraham had a promise from God about his family, and when he wanted to kill his offspring, it must have been because he felt it was not his. So, Isaac must have been broken, in other words tortured to submissiveness. And when Leah, the daughter of Israel, was raped, the twelve sons of Israel stood up, outraged, and made a devastating revenge. And this happened almost two thousand years before Christ. Girls of that time did not wear perfume. It happened 6-700 years before the Law of Moses came to the world. So, it is likely she was broken.

We have come a long way since then. Civilization means brains are accepted, and civilization means love is acknowledged. In Norwegian, we have a wonderful expression, saying there is “ingen vits” when there is “no point” in doing something. And “vits” in Norwegian is also “joke”. So, we get it there is not much amusing to create and to give in to dreaming when powerless.

Girls should NOT be belongings to groups. When they are, they are made whores, and their abusers will go to hell. As simple as that. Girls should NOT be raped. When they are, they are offended, and to offend a girl is to take her dignity away from her. Love is dependent on dignity. Men should NOT obey the crowd. When they do, they are simple, and mean, foolish and weak. Men come together when something needs to be done in common. And we establish societies, for safety reasons, and for feelings of worth. A soldier of fortune is of no worth. Men should NOT show themselves excited by other men. When they are, they are corrupt. Men should be enthusiastic about ideas, not power.

There is not much difference between a broken heart and a broken mind, speaking of kills. Breaking a person is the worst offence. Doing so is to vanish.

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