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Monday, 9 July 2018

Hollywood and the like

It is terrible when people are corrupted by getting in power. It is terrible, since people suffer from it. And there is no law saying power corrupts, and if anyone has formulated such a law, it is wrong. Think of Peter, the disciple of Jesus. Think of Paul. In Italy, he was considered to be a god. Think of Martin Luther Jr. He could move the entire black population in America by a speech. Think of Mother Theresa. She could have sacked any government. Think of the ladies, and the few gentlemen, in the kindergartens. They can make the children pleasures. There is no excuse for going wrong when into power.

Satan is not gathered as one unless Satan has a focus. This is worth having in mind. Ai believe Satan controls the entertainment industry by now, and aI believe young, aspiring artists will suffer from abuse when they try to reach out. For Satan to be united, though, there must be a formulated will to take him or her out, speaking of artist. And when so, Satan is a social being, not empowerment. And the industry is not possessed. It is taken care of.

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