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Saturday, 14 July 2018

My belief in President Trump

Ai believe President Trump and his Administration faces challenges unknown of earlier in American history. Ai believe there is a force in belief it can rule even the President, which is economical and cultural, and aI believe there is much international tension, and conflict.

Ai believe President Trump has a history of being quick, and aI believe he is typical American in that respect he is not afraid of going for it, whatever it is which there is ahead of him. Ai believe he is making effort in strengthening American native occupation, identification and juridical sovereignty.

His insistence on safe borders, particularly the border to Mexico, aI see in light of the present challenge people experience with personal identification with what other people say. And aI believe President Trump's remedy is self-esteem and the ability to make it clear, what is challenging. This approach reminds us of the Russian insistence on safe location, perhaps taking off after WWII, from the occupation of Stalingrad, and even so, the American approach is a bit different, since the American has a dream of making it.

My own concern is that measures taken to establish public health have little effect as long something is bothering as secret, and pain staking.

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