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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

No more composing

No. Ai will stop playing by composing. Composing is not my business, and aI don't have to compose. Ai can make songs. Ai have a score now with some bars as an effort to make something for piano, and it is not funny to try make something, and aI don't like what aI hear. It is a question if it is possible to make much more tunes, though. If not, it might be interesting to translate songs. And maybe aI will not make more music. Drawing should be my thing, now, together with poetry, aI believe. And there are so many possibilities by drawing, aI believe aI have enough to be occupied with. Other things than faces, and charcoal, ink, pen, painting, by different techniques, data manipulation, and drawing by data, and you name it. There is a lot to learn, and to explore. And even if aI see beyond that particular circle of the prime model, aI am not really qualified to make music. Ai can make a tune, and aI can make a chord, and that's it. So, aI think this is my definite goodbye to composing. Ai am extremely satisfied with what God gave me to make, and there was a development, and now aI think that experience aI am done with.

Ai have a feeling, though, aI will make a sorti.

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