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Sunday, 22 July 2018


Musicians can, and some would say, should, make minor changes to scores they play. They are performing the music, and how they do that, is, of course, entirely their business. A piece by Grieg is a piece by Grieg, even if a note or two have been taken away, or moved. Musicians know, though, that if a chord is changed, this means the chord progression that bar belongs to also must change. And if so, that piece of music is altered. Ai believe most scores today to be found in classical music are handwritten copies. And it would be very strange if the ones copying did not make adjustments when they wrote the music down. We are not talking about data programming.

What is stated above is the truth, and as such in a way like a "score". And when reading it, one may think, "even so ...". Music and wisdom stated has the property of being to rely on. And when so, one will in a way.

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