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Sunday, 1 July 2018

To the boys of the youth

Let us be sober about it: Lot was the nephew of Abraham. When the daughters of Lot raised Lot to make them conceive, he slept. The offspring were the tribes of the Ammonites and the Moabites, as aI recall. In other words, Lot must have been hypnotized. The woman has, as such, in her belonging a certain power, historically, which is not polite. For a man to be hypnotized by another man, he must be a fool.

And when Abraham wanted to sacrifice Isaac, his son, on the fire, it must have been for a reason. Abraham had a promise from God about his family, and when he wanted to kill his offspring, it must have been because he felt it was not his. So, Isaac must have been broken, in other words tortured to submissiveness. And when Leah, the daughter of Israel, was raped, the twelve sons of Israel stood up, outraged, and made a devastating revenge. And this happened almost two thousand years before Christ. Girls of that time did not wear perfume. It happened 6-700 years before the Law of Moses came to the world. So, it is likely she was broken.

We have come a long way since then. Civilization means brains are accepted, and civilization means love is acknowledged. In Norwegian, we have a wonderful expression, saying there is “ingen vits” when there is “no point” in doing something. And “vits” in Norwegian is also “joke”. So, we get it there is not much amusing to create and to give in to dreaming when powerless.

Girls should NOT be belongings to groups. When they are, they are made whores, and their abusers will go to hell. As simple as that. Girls should NOT be raped. When they are, they are offended, and to offend a girl is to take her dignity away from her. Love is dependent on dignity. Men should NOT obey the crowd. When they do, they are simple, and mean, foolish and weak. Men come together when something needs to be done in common. And we establish societies, for safety reasons, and for feelings of worth. A soldier of fortune is of no worth. Men should NOT show themselves excited by other men. When they are, they are corrupt. Men should be enthusiastic about ideas, not power.

There is not much difference between a broken heart and a broken mind, speaking of kills. Breaking a person is the worst offence. Doing so is to vanish.

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