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Friday, 3 August 2018

Thinking on The Prime Model

When aI first drew the model called “The Prime Model” back in 1995, aI quickly came to the conclusion it was of no use. So, aI put it away. Ai made the two oppositions, vertically and horizontally, and aI named the four realities. And aI drew a picture of myself sitting in front of the PC to illustrate it. The reason why aI put the model away, was that extragenous reality cannot be a thing. If extragenous reality is a thing, the model illustrates a closed being, and if so, it is a way. And extragenous reality is in the model what is divine. And God, that is Christ, cannot be made a thing.

Later aI have come to see that this understanding counts for all realities. The reason why aI chose to publish the model, was that the truth can be specific. The truth can be a calculation, or a verdict. And if so, extragenous reality is to relate to. When making the model, though, with extragenous reality as something to hold on, there will always be one relating. If extragenous reality is the father, who this is, who is relating, will be mother, son or daughter. And the one relating is not a thing.

Also aI have seen that endogenous reality is the reality which is the most foreign to extragenous reality. It is not objective and it is not ideal, and so endogenous reality is faith. And we are justified by faith, and by faith alone.

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