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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

My posters

Ai believe my posters on flickr.trixnix.com are good. If there are spots on any of them made by Satan, aI must be told. Ai will, of course, immediately destroy the ones infected.

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At war - are we

Ai hear what American artists are singing in Norwegian broadcasting, most of them forced to sing. Do Americans have any idea what the righteous wishes the U.S.A. to be?

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Cultures will last

During World War II, in 1940 to 1945, Norwegians made two tokens of resistance. One was the word "jøss". The word is an expression of surprise, together with delight or reluctance. The word is "really?", though with a clear judgement attitude. And from that behaviour, the word "jøssing" appeared, as the name of a true Norwegian. The other was the paper clip, in Norwegian named "binders". By the paper clip, an opposition is united, looking closely at it, though, it is nonsense to make that symbolism of it. People used to wear in on jackets, and the like, and it annoyed the German occupation power to the point it made law against it.

The Norwegians also made a new expression during the war, and that is "sivil ulydighet", meaning "civilian disobedience", further meaning, sabotaging by doing things awkwardly.

You see, Norwegians have a history of standing up. And when forced to obey, Norwegians look to Trondheim, to the "æ" of the "trønder", the goat, that is to the city of the cathedral, and think ahead. Lissom.

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

So - what is the point of that

Ai guess it is possible to read a person's vision. To present that vision as to confirm or suggest something, as in court, or in a scientific exploration, is, though, not possible. Ai guess lawyers can come up with a number of reasons why. Let me just point out, that being subjected to stimuli, a being will not behave natural. That being is manipulated. Even animals used in behavioral research are manipulated.

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Friday, 19 October 2018


When the walls of Trixnix are clean, everything within Trixnix is clean. It is evident this is so. A bad tree cannot make good fruit. And the skin of the well is good. When a girl is a beauty, she is pure. It is evident this is so. And the use of symbols should be totally unnecessary to protect the holy.

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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Some will just go to Hell

The other day, aI saw the the locus "Gina" on Damesnames had been destroyed by Satan. Today, when aI wanted to correct it, the locus by Satan had been removed from the web site, and from my computer. Ai am sorry about that.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Memory is a strange thing

Ai have a specific memory from when aI worked at the Military Academy which a few, then cadets, will remember. Ai was sitting in the canteen, with a few, when a General surprisingly turned up. And aI failed to pay attention by giving the command "raise up". As a captain, sitting together with cadets. A cadet had to give the command. That was it. After that, aI was determined on leaving the Army.

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Ai believe there must be some kind of misunderstanding? Isolating a man, and making him subjected to common hatred?

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By verdict, you are either right or wrong. To make a lawsuit against someone who has been found not guilty in court, is nonsense.

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Copyright is not an easy subject to discuss. We must distinguish between inventions and expressions of art, and we must consider the benefit of the people, to whom God gave. It is, with that in mind, my clear opinion, copyright and patent right cannot be sold or inherited.

Speaking about copyright, it has come to the ridiculous when you cannot make smilies on internet because of copyright. And when publishing companies are put in power to decide which cultural works should be open to the public, this is insane.

Considering my own work, aI think aI want to be credited, and to make a living out of my efforts. Ai am not bothered in any way if people take a poster and make changes to it and keep it in the private. Ai am not bothered if a changed poster, without my stamp, appears on a private web site. Ai am not bothered if my music is played without my knowledge. Not at all, aI mean, quite the opposite. If one makes a recording, though, of my music, aI should be credited, and paid, since my music then is someones income. Likewise, with my poetry. Ai want it spread. Ai want people to send it to dear ones, and to make silly pages on blogs, and whatever, though, if a collection is made for the benefit of income, aI will be credited and paid as the creator.

Intellectual property aI consider to be expressions of wisdom, and scientific discoveries. There are rules, in science, about honouring originator. And, in fact, those are so strict that we still refer to Platon and Aristoteles, living 2300 years ago. Making an intellectual statement is special. By doing so, one takes on authority. A statement is not a piece of work. And putting it straight, you are to relate to. Intellectual properties are constitutions. And laws of copyright should be strict regarding intellectual property.

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Sunday, 14 October 2018


This post is transferred from Google+, posted on Google+ 10 Oct 2018:

As aI remember it, this belt was the only belt available in the men's equipment store, and aI was in a hurry. Really, it is not my style. Ai bought it ten or fifteen years ago, and aI have never used it. The other day, though, aI picked it up. And aI saw this white label attached to it, by that screw. And aI thought, what now ... Obviously, the label has been longer, you can see the half image of a pair of scissors on it. And really, myself keeping a belt with that label attached to it? Obviously, it has been put there by Satan, and obviously aI annoyed Satan ten years ago by my decency and order, proven by the mess made in my boxes with nails, screws, ringbolts and tools, and proven by the ugliness of doors and walls and roofs in my apartment. Ai gave it a thought, though. And you know, the mark of the belt is "Premium". Maybe that label was there when aI bought it, aI don't remember. And if so, it would be test. Who would keep it?

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Thinking of Lauren Talley

Thinking of Lauren Talley, without listening to her, just a moment ago, and some minutes after that:

Ai believe that playing ("Going Out From There") made her weep, who is playing it, not because of the opposite arpeggio, and not because the 6 times intervals, though, because all the harp qualities are covered. Ai believe. You know, it is possible to rationalize. “Det er lov å tenke selv,” we say in Norwegian, not without a certain amount of irony.

If you can play that, you can play the harp. Ai believe.

As simple as that. Ai am no fool.

The tune “Join in” is special, since the organ is servile. And it is if the voice, the performer, the singing, is telling a story, totally independent of what the other instruments “think”, just stating.

Ai love you. “I've got a song” - that video performance – is historical.

Ai know. “Tulltone” is unexplainable, since one must pay attention. And wind instruments … As one? Remember, aI made it in two tries. Ai understood God gave me something special, and aI wanted to show off.

“Vals for treblåsere”, also for woodwinds, is the greatest thing ever written. Ai wanted it to be. To the glory of God. Christ! Waltz for woodwinds? And that start? Those lost in particularities will ponder upon it for forever. And it expresses innocence. The Girl. Treblåsere. And that change in key is fantastic. Not much artistry … Just going for it, and whatever. And that decisiveness of the clarinet is what takes it away. Bb. Just getting it.

Let God give us another one. “Ease”. Ai made that one (for string quartet) after aI had died. And aI wanted it to be friendly. There are four instruments, though clearly two voices. And there is tense. And harmony. Get it. Ai am the creative artist of all times. God makes me. And being hypnotized, is to me a nuisance, to say the least. It is the work of Satan, to state it clearly. And you know, obviously, people have no idea of my anger.

The Mary Poppins tunes are special. Ai don't know if you are familiar with Mary Poppins in the U.S.A. She is a bit different from Hucleberry Finn. Ai read about him, too, as a child. Though, Mary Poppins was the one who got me. Imagine, sailing in by an umbrella … Ai cannot remember the stories, though, as children, girls and boys are quite alike, and aI identified with the girls being visited. And those tunes are my perceptions. Pride. Formality. Aunt. Acknowledgement. Ai loved those stories.

Let God give a last one. “Gledestone”. Ai dedicated it to HRH Princess Ingrid Alexandra. And aI was not at all happy. As formal, though, it is not so bad, aI believe. The harmony of four. Triumph. Ai believe, as a greeting, to the royal, it will work.

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Ai understand it is serious

Yesterday, aI heard them say in the national Norwegian Broadcasting Company, in the News, in radio, that an American warship force, by an aircraft carrier, was heading for Norwegian territorial waters. Seen together with the great NATO exercise planned, and said to be taking place, that is close to conflict with Russia. It depends on the eyes. Ai wonder how stupidity could lead the modern man this far. And aI call upon Norwegians, to care for the children. Give them faith in being a child. And tell them to trust in God.

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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


We can have two presumptions about Jesus Christ. One is that he was hypnotized, instructed to say he was from above. The other is, He was God. Anyhow, Jesus Christ is the Son of Man.

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