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Sunday, 14 October 2018


This post is transferred from Google+, posted on Google+ 10 Oct 2018:

As aI remember it, this belt was the only belt available in the men's equipment store, and aI was in a hurry. Really, it is not my style. Ai bought it ten or fifteen years ago, and aI have never used it. The other day, though, aI picked it up. And aI saw this white label attached to it, by that screw. And aI thought, what now ... Obviously, the label has been longer, you can see the half image of a pair of scissors on it. And really, myself keeping a belt with that label attached to it? Obviously, it has been put there by Satan, and obviously aI annoyed Satan ten years ago by my decency and order, proven by the mess made in my boxes with nails, screws, ringbolts and tools, and proven by the ugliness of doors and walls and roofs in my apartment. Ai gave it a thought, though. And you know, the mark of the belt is "Premium". Maybe that label was there when aI bought it, aI don't remember. And if so, it would be test. Who would keep it?

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  1. If Satan understood what hatred is, Satan would go away. In this blogpost, the words "boxes with nails, screws, ringbolts and tools," Satan attached the word "many" to. That is the only hope of Satan. Satan is stupid, and in that respect, maybe there is something in Dante's purgatory. Ai don't know. What aI know, is that it is no question of me and Satan ending up in the same destination.


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