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Thursday, 29 November 2018

The horror of the mind control

I believe, that if Emma Watson was confronted with the videos and pictures made of her in sexually explicit situations, posted on internet, she would deny having done it. She will presumably not say she was made to do it, she will presumably say "I have nothing to do with it".

I believe many a girl found nude in photographs and in porn today will say the same thing. And aI believe many a hypnotized, for instance working in radio, will say the same thing if confronted with what they said, and I believe many a singing artist will say the same, if confronted with what they have expressed.

And I believe many a hypnotized will say, those people making me, and us, look like that, are not nice people. Ai am afraid the broken ones will not say that.

One may wonder why Emma Watson spoke so much in those videos. One may wonder if she was afraid. Ai believe, though, that such overflow of the mouth in such a state is unconscious, and that it reflects the out of control being, and not a want to control oneself, and as such, the action is not oriented.

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Why not economy

Economy is the ordered way of the human being. Goods are invented, produced, and put on the marked for the benefit of growth and success, and services are made goods as people dream, qualify and effectuate their abilities. By the economy man distances himself from the immediate exchange, and the living can be ordered and planned, so that individuals and peoples can make safety, laws and fortunes.

The thing, though, is, that things are owned, when manufactured, sold and bought. And the real joy is to go into the mountains, go into the forest, and go to the beach where one can relax, no expectation to be found. And the real joy is to love one another as worthy of praise, not worth of necessity or utility. The real joy is to imagine God present, no way manipulated, no way driven. The real joy is to be by God, and surely one can be by cause. To be a brick in the wall, a bit taking part in a play or a piece in a puzzle, is not giving the feeling, though, being by God. And, for the woman to feel she is wanted as an object, is not to get the feeling, being by God.

Today, the economy is very complicated. The ordering of the economy is obscure, and the powers of the economy are hidden. Nations, that is peoples, do not control what is taking place in their own domain. To a certain degree, the economy can be controlled. Major actors are more resourceful than minor, and by means of necessities, demands can be made. What rules the economy, though, is that notion of alertness. And when we distance from it, making it the joke of life, the joy of life will appear.

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Monday, 26 November 2018

Why are they here

Those people saying they rule over me, or giving impression they rule over me, are my enemies of life. And, aI am by God. Ai am hypnotized, aI am given pains in my body, the electrical power in my apartment is controlled, and so is my telecommunication. And those people in charge of that are my enemies of life. Satan is incapable of doing anything good. A parasite is in no way good to the tortured, or to sight.

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Respect is not the word for it

One should not take the name of God in vain, meaning, one should not label anything by God if it is by Satan, and one should not act as if praying to God if one says God is necessity or use, and one should not question the power of God. To do so would be to act against the third of the Ten Commandments. God is love, and Satan is the upheaval, destruction and abandonment of what God is. If wounded, sad and disappointed, trust in God still, and make your faith baby, to die for.

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Wednesday, 21 November 2018


When being tortured, surely one is not philosophizing about one's living and whereabouts. One is focused on the pain, and one wants to get rid of it. Surely, one is not wondering. So, the notion of that purgatory must be a silly idea.

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Saturday, 17 November 2018

International to be

The woman, as such, is of course not international. The police is, of course, not international. The Church will not work if international (in Norwegian; "gjør seg ikke"). And when industry and store is international, the enterprises ("foretag") and companies ("bedrifter") are not really so. They are part of the economy. The economy is international. In the economy one competes, and one make agreements and deals. And to make economy the model for social interaction is a dead end, since economy has no scope, and since major actors have power over minor. Nations are not actors in the economy. Nations make laws and regulations to make it possible for entities from the nation to succeed in the economy, and when doing so, they make agreements with other nations. Nations are themselves not entities in the economy. The wealth of a nation is not the capital. The wealth of the nation is ability. And since peoples, as nations, do not hate each other, they are friends.

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Friday, 16 November 2018


Life is in a certain perspective a rescue; a mobilization of love to abandon damnation. Death. And it should be evident, what by God will be justified, is not damnation, is not death. Jesus Christ is the force of life.

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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Civilized to be

There are two considerations any people on earth must make, from which they, in fact, have no choice. One is to end torture. And the other is to end corruption.

By torture aI mean the inflicting of pain on people in custody. Prisoners must have decent living conditions, psychiatric patients must be subjected to care, and brutality on behalf of law enforcement must be forbidden by law. Involuntarily treatment with medicament must be forbidden by law. And women and children must by law be protected from abuse, from heads of families, and from officials.

By corruption aI mean the demand for goods on basis of being gifted. There should be clear rules hindering acceptance of money and of gifts by officials and civil servants. The rule of a nation should be the rule of the people, and if not predictable, God is not supportive. There should be a governing principle saying laws cannot be passed which gives arbitrary power to any official, and which says no individual can be arrested or imprisoned if not a violation of the law has been committed.

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Monday, 12 November 2018

Catch 22

By his novel Catch 22 (1961) Joseph Heller pointed out a dilemma given by being involuntarily participating in stupidity or crime because of being a member of a legitim organization or movement. The fictive story is from World War II, and the main story is given by the main character's experience of being involved in the many dirty, illegitime and evil tricks of the supply officer, organizing crime, being a member of the unit the supply officer serves. Supply it must have, an Army unit. The ways of the supply officer were so, though, that being a soldier, risking life for peace and freedom, was a catch. The story ends ridiculously, by the main character planning to find a row boat, aI believe it was, to sail for Sweden. Sweden was a neutral country during WW II.

Ai believe Heller wanted us to rationalize, and to find our own way out of such a catch. My own thinking, being militarily trained, is that the supply officer is a soldier as anyone else, and as such he should work in the spirit of the Commanding Officer and obey the rules of the Second in Command. If he does not, he will hear it. Also, working by crime is in opposition with the overall intention with the campaign. And if the unit is in conflict with itself, it will not be effective, and it will go asunder. So, really, it should be enough for the main character to tell the Second in Command something needs to be done.

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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Man and woman

Man and woman is like the King of England and the President of America, respectively. By kind, the King of England is the One and Only, and the President of America is the Number One. No-one can deny that historically, and therefore actually, the King of England is the one in charge. To say that the King rules over the President, though, is of course nonsense.

This is an image. And by the image, no consideration is taken to the fact those belong to different people, and to consideration is taken to actual influence and power. The point is, the woman is from below, working her way up.

In ancient times, that attitude of the Number One was determined to be the one of masters of crafts. Opposite stood the scientist, and the priests. And there was a clear division between economical life and mental work.

In Norway, in 1905, the famous poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson had argued Norwegians were oriented towards the Number One, not the One and Only. Askeladden, and the like. Being informed by the government when the procedure had begun to get a king, though, Bjørnson did not go against it.

The history of the woman seems to be fate, looking back on it, that is God given, for human kind to get.

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Friday, 9 November 2018


The commandment forbidding adultery is a restriction of the use of the body for the benefit of control. When the girl experiences a power, by having sex, other than the one constituting her, she will lose integrity by meddling with different ways to be set. And, if the girls commits adultery, she will abandon her grounding, being somewhat, to be detached. And children should be offspring of clarity.

This is true, and cannot be discussed. What is changing, in our times, by evolution and by the love of the Lord, is that women will not be things, that is objects. Not physically determined, girls will be equal to the man and make love as friends, not as minors. As such, the first time experience is not a constitution, it is rather an opening, and any love affair following will not be in conflict with the initial experience. Girls cannot have children this way, though. For a girl to be a mother, she must be the basic preference, governed by a man, that is the father, and her children should think of her as their way. For it to be so, she must be constituted, fresh and dignified.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Get yourself in order

If a being, that is a man or a woman, says, “save me from myself”, then thinking about its evil nature, that is the will to be evil, it has passed a limit by which there perhaps is no way back to life. That being is so low, so poor, so sad, so simple and so devoid of soul that perhaps life is passed. Degeneration has a limit, and let us make this the limit. If a being feel tempted to state that idiocy, my advice to that being is to tear its head off. It is better to go trough life not sensing and thinking than to have that orientation.

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Great Britain

To the Girl, Great Britain is incapable of surprising. Either they are making it, or they are on top of it, and anyhow it is an eye-land. That is just the way Eye am, and there is nothing one can do about it.

One can try to make a perspective ...

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Monday, 5 November 2018

People and pride

King David had a number of wives. He distanced himself from his wives, at one point, since they were intoxicated, mentally, by one of his sons, sleeping with them in an attempt to overrule David. They must, though, have had children. And Salomon, according to the Bibles aI have access to, had 1000 wives. Let us presume each of them gave Salomon two children, every other a boy. That is 1000 boys with a certain royal heritage. Jerusalem was not that big, at that time. And presumably, each boy was given a kind of support, making him somewhat distinct from the rest. And my question is, if it was an elite thinking which ruined Israel, materially speaking. There was a prophecy about division. The departure from the rule of the Law was, though, not prophesied.

Ai have no belief in elite thinking. Ai believe we are all originally children of God, placed in a culture to work together and love each other and create for each other the way we are gifted. We are free to pursue goals and to make wealth, of course. The aim of living, though, should be to make the culture proud. And an elite is not suited to do that. One should not, by law or by practise, exempt people from the common living. And one should see to it there are laws and procedures supporting those falling apart.

Regarding the hypnotized ones, and the broken ones, there is a call for common sense. People left of authority the way those are cannot answer to demands. One is exempt from the law. And one should see to it those people are not followed.

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What happened

It is not simple. There are many factors. There were circumstances. And, there was nature. What is clear, though, is that there is the law. And international law ruling national sovereignty. And hypnotizing of people not asking for it, and breaking of women and men for whatever reason, is, and has always been, violation of law. And the treatment of me is violation of law. Get it.

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