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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Civilized to be

There are two considerations any people on earth must make, from which they, in fact, have no choice. One is to end torture. And the other is to end corruption.

By torture aI mean the inflicting of pain on people in custody. Prisoners must have decent living conditions, psychiatric patients must be subjected to care, and brutality on behalf of law enforcement must be forbidden by law. Involuntarily treatment with medicament must be forbidden by law. And women and children must by law be protected from abuse, from heads of families, and from officials.

By corruption aI mean the demand for goods on basis of being gifted. There should be clear rules hindering acceptance of money and of gifts by officials and civil servants. The rule of a nation should be the rule of the people, and if not predictable, God is not supportive. There should be a governing principle saying laws cannot be passed which gives arbitrary power to any official, and which says no individual can be arrested or imprisoned if not a violation of the law has been committed.

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