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Saturday, 17 November 2018

International to be

The woman, as such, is of course not international. The police is, of course, not international. The Church will not work if international (in Norwegian; "gjør seg ikke"). And when industry and store is international, the enterprises ("foretag") and companies ("bedrifter") are not really so. They are part of the economy. The economy is international. In the economy one competes, and one make agreements and deals. And to make economy the model for social interaction is a dead end, since economy has no scope, and since major actors have power over minor. Nations are not actors in the economy. Nations make laws and regulations to make it possible for entities from the nation to succeed in the economy, and when doing so, they make agreements with other nations. Nations are themselves not entities in the economy. The wealth of a nation is not the capital. The wealth of the nation is ability. And since peoples, as nations, do not hate each other, they are friends.

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