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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Man and woman

Man and woman is like the King of England and the President of America, respectively. By kind, the King of England is the One and Only, and the President of America is the Number One. No-one can deny that historically, and therefore actually, the King of England is the one in charge. To say that the King rules over the President, though, is of course nonsense.

This is an image. And by the image, no consideration is taken to the fact those belong to different people, and to consideration is taken to actual influence and power. The point is, the woman is from below, working her way up.

In ancient times, that attitude of the Number One was determined to be the one of masters of crafts. Opposite stood the scientist, and the priests. And there was a clear division between economical life and mental work.

In Norway, in 1905, the famous poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson had argued Norwegians were oriented towards the Number One, not the One and Only. Askeladden, and the like. Being informed by the government when the procedure had begun to get a king, though, Bjørnson did not go against it.

The history of the woman seems to be fate, looking back on it, that is God given, for human kind to get.

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